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[QUIZ] Do You Know When to Shove a Short Stack?

Knowing when to shove with a short stack in a tournament has a massive impact on your ROI in tournaments. This quiz will test your ability to do just that.

For each question, assume the following:

  • You are playing at an 8-handed table
  • There is a Big Blind ante
  • You are playing a shove or fold strategy (no limps or non-all-in opens)
  • Your opponents are calling at equilibrium (i.e. they will call with the equilibrium calling range according to the SnapShove app – no more, no less)

After finishing the quiz, you will get assigned a WSOP Main Event championship based on your score. Let’s get started.

If the quiz is not displaying above, try refreshing the page or using a different web browser.

How Many Questions Did You Ace? And Which Player Did You Get?

Let us know in the comments below.

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Home > [QUIZ] Do You Know When to Shove a Short Stack?
Home > [QUIZ] Do You Know When to Shove a Short Stack?
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