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Pot Limit Omaha Strategy Quiz – Only a PLO Expert Will Score 9/10

Ready to put your Pot Limit Omaha skills to the test? 

These 10 quiz questions are based on cutting-edge PLO solver research, and many of the correct answers are only slightly better than the other options. Only a true Pot Limit Omaha expert will be able to get 9/10 correct (unless you are a lucky guesser).

Good luck!

Most of these questions were created by Luuk Botter in the PLO Lab members only Facebook group.

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Question 1

$1/$2 PLO Live (timed rake). $200 Effective Stacks.

Hero is dealt four cards in the big blind
UTG raises to $7. 4 folds. Hero...

Which hand is a call?

Despite being double suited, these hands are simply not connected enough to play versus a raise from an early position player. Slightly stronger double suited hands, like Q976 or 9875, would be worth a call.

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