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Pot Limit Omaha Preflop Quiz – Only 5% of PLO Players Will Get 7/7

Ready to put your Pot Limit Omaha preflop skills to the test?

The answers to these 7 quiz questions are based on what cutting-edge PLO solvers would do in each situation. Only a true Pot Limit Omaha expert will get 6 or more correct.

Assume you are 100BB deep in each situation unless otherwise noted. Good luck!

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Question #1 

You're playing $0.50/$1.00 PLO at a 6-handed table. Which of these hands would you raise from UTG?

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Single suited AK with another broadway is always a raise from this position. These hands often make top two pair or top pair plus the nut flush draw.

When you face a 3-bet, having a wheel card makes a big difference! Raise-call with the wheel card, raise-fold without it.

Here's the solution to this spot from the PLO Matrix (our new, easy-to-use preflop solver):

plo preflop matrix quiz 1

Question #2

You're playing $0.25/$0.50 PLO with a $25 (50BB) stack. What's your play on the button with T♠ 9♦ 8♠ 7?

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This hand is a fold because of the very high rake at micro-stakes and your short stack size. Medium rundowns don't make much money, so when high rake is taken into account, they become folds (pictured below).

plo preflop matrix quiz 2

If you were playing mid-stakes or if you had a full stack, this hand is a clear raise-call. Here's what the 50BB solution for high-stakes looks like:

plo preflop matrix 3

Question #3

You're playing $10/$20 PLO. The player in the cutoff raises to $70. What's your play on the button with T♠ 9♦ 8♠ 7?

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I hope you are not 3-betting these types of hands like it’s 2016! These single suited rundowns are all calls, along with some single suited one-gappers like T986 and T976.

plo preflop matrix quiz 4

You need hands with great floppability to 3-bet, which is why optimal 3-bet ranges are centered around double suited hands. For example, the PLO Matrix 3-bets with T986 double suited in this same spot.

Question #4

You're playing $10/$20 PLO. You raise to $70 in the cutoff with A Q J 9♠. How would you play versus a 3-bet from the button?

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Relative position matters a lot with marginal hands, so we can give this one up versus the button (right side of the circled hand).

plo preflop matrix quiz 5

If one of the blinds had 3-bet instead, this hand is a call (left hand of the circled hand) because you would be in position postflop.

Question #5

You're playing $10/$20 PLO and it folds around to you in the small blind. What's your play with K♠ J♠ 9 5?

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Playing from the small blind is definitely the most complicated part of preflop strategy in PLO. Here's the solution for single suited KJ hands in this spot: 

plo preflop matrix quiz 6

K♠ J♠ 9 5 is a raise-fold, but look at how these similar hands are played:

  • K♠ J♠ T 5 is a raise-call
  • K♠ J♠ 9 4 is a limp-call
  • K♠ J 9 5 is a limp-fold

Question #6

You're playing $10/$20 PLO and it folds around to you in the small blind. What's your play with A A♠ Q J♠?

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Limping is a big part of the optimal small blind strategy, and so you need to protect your limping range by mixing in traps with strong hands.

The vast majority of double suited AA combos should be limp-raised in this spot, but some should be raised as well (pictured below).

plo preflop matrix quiz 7

Question #7

You're playing $1/$2 PLO at a 6-handed table. UTG raises to $7 and the cutoff calls. What's your play in the big blind with A♠ K♠ Q 8?

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The most relevant range in multiway situations is the initial raiser, so this hand is a fold versus UTG's relatively strong range, which will dominate AKss relatively often.

plo preflop matrix quiz 8

If the initial raiser was in the cutoff and the caller was on the button, this hand would be a call.

You want access to the perfect preflop strategy in Pot Limit Omaha, right? Discover how to play any hand with just two clicks when you get the PLO Matrix. Learn more now!
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