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What is Doug Polk’s “Postflop Playbook” Launching on December 19th?

The brand-new Postflop Playbook is a two-hour crash course that will teach you a proven poker strategy quickly.

The aptly-named course equips poker players with the fundamental concepts necessary to compete in poker in 2023 and beyond. Upswing Poker co-founder Doug Polk is your instructor for the course, designed for players of all experience levels.

The Postflop Playbook is a crash course that teaches you the strategy foundation used by world-class No-Limit Hold’em players.

Priced at just $7, the Playbook offers the fastest, easiest way to become a winning poker player.

The new course functions as an updated verison of the Postflop Game Plan, Upswing Poker’s most popular course. The revamped Postflop Playbook is a more polished course that teaches an overall more modern strategy to help you win in 2023 and beyond.

After going through the two-hour crash course with Polk, one of the world’s most accomplished players, you’ll have a better understanding of:

  • How to make profitable poker decisions in seconds
  • Crucial factors to consider before calling, betting, raising, or folding
  • The right action to take with each category of hand
  • An easy-to-use system for placing your hands into the correct category

Here’s a quick example of what the course teaches:

Postflop Playbook Intro

Who Will Benefit Most From The Postflop Playbook?

The Postflop Playbook isn’t designed as an end-all way to play poker. The course was developed with an easy barrier to entry in mind.

Introductory and intermediate poker players will benefit most from completing the Postflop Playbook. Just about any player can benefit from studying the course, however.

Whether you’re an experienced player looking to upgrade your game with Doug Polk’s guidance or a relatively new player who wants to get serious about poker strategy, the Postflop Playbook is easily worth the $7 price tag.

Students can look forward to the following concepts covered by Polk in the Postflop Playbook:

  • Introduction to Polk’s proven Four Category system of classifying hands
  • The Shortcomings of the Four Category System
  • Hand Examples & Quizzes
  • A Quick Look At 3-Bet Pots
  • Solver Example & Explanation
  • Play & Explain Video (46 minutes)
Postflop Playbook Play and Explain

Here is an example from a Play & Explain where Doug Polk reviews two tables of poker and walks you through each decision. In this hand, he has a straight flush draw on the left!

Nearly 50,000 players purchased the original Postflop Gameplan, and the Postflop Playbook improves on that course in every conceivable way. The Playbook offers the perfect jumping point to get into the No-Limit Hold’em streets in 2023.

Do not play another hand of poker without using this decision process! The Playbook has been built; all you have to do is learn it!

Price: $7

The $7 purchase price gives you lifetime access to the Postflop Playbook, a 10-part, two-hour series taught by Upswing Poker’s Doug Polk.


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Home > What is Doug Polk’s “Postflop Playbook” Launching on December 19th?
Home > What is Doug Polk’s “Postflop Playbook” Launching on December 19th?
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