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[QUIZ] Do You Know When to Hold’em/Fold’em at Micro Stakes?

The dreaded micro stakes are where most poker dreams are born, but it can be surprisingly tricky to move past them.

Beating the micro stakes is simple, but not easy. It’s simple because you are playing against less technically endowed players. It’s not easy because you are regularly forced to fight against your own biases in a super chaotic and deceiving game.

This quiz is going to test how good you are at exploiting the meta-game present in all micro-stakes player pools. To get you ready for it, here are a few strategic considerations from which you can derive the correct answers:

  • You should do less calling preflop due to the very high rake.
  • Hands that end preflop are not raked.
  • Most players bluff way too infrequently (preflop and postflop).
  • Few players are willing to fight for small pots.

With these broad ideas in mind, let’s dive into the quiz!

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How Many Questions Did You Ace? And Which Player Did You Get?

Let us know in the comments below.

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Home > [QUIZ] Do You Know When to Hold’em/Fold’em at Micro Stakes?
Home > [QUIZ] Do You Know When to Hold’em/Fold’em at Micro Stakes?
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