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Cash Game Strategy Quiz – How Much Do You Actually Know?

Get ready to put your cash game strategy knowledge to the test.

The 10 questions in this quiz are based on Upswing’s cash game content from the past year. Make sure you share your total score at the end!

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Question 1: Consider the following hand

$0.50/$1.00 on PokerStars. $100 effective stacks.

Hero is in the HiJack
Hero raises to $2.50. 3 folds. BB calls.

Flop ($5.50) K♣ J♣ 8♠
BB checks. Hero bets $3. BB calls.

Turn ($11.50) 4
BB checks. Hero bets $7. BB calls.

River ($25.50) 5♠
BB checks. Hero...

Which hand is a more effective bluff on the river?

QT blocks KQ and KT which are a big part of the your opponent's calling range on the river. You also do not block any of the missed flush draws in his range that he will almost certainly fold on the river.

T♣ 9♣ also blocks KT, but having two clubs makes it less likely the BB has a missed flush draw (like A♣ T♣ or A♣ 9♣) that will certainly fold to a river bet.

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