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Do You Defend Your Big Blind Like a Poker End Boss? – Poker Strategy Quiz

Your play from the big blind has a massive impact on your win-rate. Consequently, all of the best poker players are master defenders of the big blind.

Choose the option with the highest expected value (EV). After answering each question, you will be shown the EV of each option along with an in-depth explanation so you can improve your skills when you get one wrong.

Question 1

Online $2/$5. 6-Handed. Effective Stacks $500.

Hero is in the BB with A 3
UTG folds. MP raises to $12.50. CO folds. BU calls. SB folds. Hero...?

Calling is the correct play here because you already have 1bb invested in the pot, which gives you a good price to hit a very strong draw or made hand on the flop. 3-betting would be a mistake, given that once you get called you'll be out of position (OOP) against very strong range(s) with a large stack-to-pot ratio, which exacerbates your positional disadvantage.

The EV of each option:

  • Call is +EV
  • 3-bet is -EV
  • Fold is 0EV

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