3-bet pot strategy quiz

If You Get 8/10 On This 3-Bet Pot Quiz, You’re a Shark

How competent are you at playing 3-bet pots as the defender? Take your time and think carefully, because these 10 questions are tough.

For each question, assume that you have no information about your opponent. And be sure to share your results at the end. Best of luck! 

Question #1

WPN $0.25/$0.50. 6-Handed. Effective Stacks $50.00.

Hero is in MP with 8 8
utg folds. Hero raises to $1.10. CO folds. BU 3-bets to $3.50. 2 folds. Hero calls

Flop ($7.75): K 5 3
Hero checks. BU bets $3.9. Hero...?

The button will still have many hands that have missed this flop, and so if we fold instead of call we would end up folding too much of our range, thus giving him an amazing bluff opportunity.

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