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Ryan Fee Talks Poker Strategy, Current Events on Poker Life Podcast

PLO secrets. DNegs discussion. Chasing The Poker Dream. Timestamp summary of Feb 4, 2017 live cast. Upswing Poker featured pro and 2016 WSOP Tag Team bracelet winner Ryan Fee appeared on the Poker Life Podcast with Joey Ingram over the weekend to discuss his contributions to “Chasing The Poker Dream” along with a number of current events in the poker industry. The 140-minute conversation comes just one week after Pot Limit Omaha specialist Fernando Habegger signed on to become our featured Upswing Poker PLO coach. The dialogue includes a heavy mix of poker strategy insights plus segments on the recent Brains vs AI Poker Challenge, Daniel Negreanu and the 2017 American Poker Awards.

Poker Life Podcast Timestamps (Ryan Fee – Feb 4, 2017)

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_Nl22z7vPnY (0:00) Introduction (2:00) Ryan’s contributions to “Chasing The Poker Dream” (7:00) Ryan’s talks strategy, Lab modules (8:15) GTO clickbait terms “exposed” (9:30) How to play flush draws

20 Rules Flush Draws CTA Upswing

(16:45) Top Secret Live PLO observation “revealed” (18:10) Ryan discusses recent on-stream hand (22:50) Intellectual Understanding vs. Emotional Understanding (26:30) Ryan & Joey troubleshoot DNegs’ lectures to poker n00bs (32:00) How much do HUDs really help poker players? (38:00) Joey & Ryan give thoughts on Phil Galfond (38:55) Why “GTO” is not optimal in all poker games (50:40) Benefit of Anonymous online poker tables (51:35) Ryan & Doug’s 2016 WSOP Tag Team strategy (59:55) Papi’s prop bet with Fedor (result “exposed”) (1:05:30) Lack of results doesn’t always mean lack of motivation (1:09:10) Ryan’s poker journey (1:15:00) When should you decide to play poker as a job? https://twitter.com/RyanFeePoker/status/826933620841394176 (1:18:40) “Poker Nightmare” defined (1:22:30) Unique skill set vs. college degree (1:25:10) “Epidemic of Opportunity” in the world (1:28:10) Upswing Lab Testimonials (1:32:10) More on motivation (1:33:35) Upswing Party at WSOP (1:34:40) Strategy discussion – Lab explanation (1:38:00) Patented Papi shout-outs (1:40:20) Upcoming events – Upswing Poker pros (1:45:40) Brains vs. AI Challenge (1:51:10) Limon vs. Polk NLHE/PLO Contest https://twitter.com/LIVEattheBike/status/828010359491432450 (1:52:10) Papi will arrive in LA on day of the American Poker Awards (1:53:00) Mental focus supplements? (1:54:30) Twitch Streamer of The Year (GPI-APA) discussion (1:57:10) Poker Life Podcast goes against 6 episodes of DNegs’ FCP Pod (1:59:20) Negreanu lets “cat out of bag” in recent YouTube video? (2:01:30) Ryan & Joey’s poker predictions for 2017. (2:04:50) Adrenal Fatigue discussion (2:13:00) Basketball and physical fitness (2:17:30) Retaining information + recommended reading (2:23:40) Wrap-up. Parting thoughts. @RyanFeePoker (2:24:10) Ryan takes Falcons +3

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Home > Ryan Fee Talks Poker Strategy, Current Events on Poker Life Podcast
Home > Ryan Fee Talks Poker Strategy, Current Events on Poker Life Podcast
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