Joey Ingram and the GTO Club

Professional high stakes Pot Limit Omaha player and Poker Life Podcast host Joey Ingram explains more about his subscription-based GTO Club.

Earlier this week professional poker player Joey Ingram uploaded a 13-minute video that delves into Papi’s recently-formed GTO Club.

The Pot Limit Omaha specialist — whose longform interviews have paved the way for players and industry representatives to share their experiences/opinions with thousands of real time viewers — originally came up with the GTO Club concept in late July. With roughly a dozen friends and fans on board from the start, the Club has quickly become a close-knit community in which individuals strive to improve in poker and life.

Joey Ingram,

Joey Ingram,

“It’s a community of people with goals of wanting to get better at poker, wanting to get better at their life who want to get better with their mindset. People are at different abilities. There are some guys that are better than others in terms of maybe their success at poker or where they are along their mindset, but it’s not a group of beasts. It’s not all ****ing experts or people who know everything,” says Ingram at the 6-minute mark.


“We do a lot of group meetings where we just talk about things. People talk about what they’re doing. What they’re working on. What they’re struggling with. We have the group chat. It takes place 24 hours a day. I’m pretty much in there every single day. We’ve got the forums for posting what we’re doing… trying to stay accountable, trying to hold each other accountable and see what other people are doing.”

Find Out More About the GTO Club

Rather than an online landing page, Joey suggests that anyone interested in finding out more about the GTO (Game Theory Optimal) Club contact him directly via Facebook, YouTube or Twitter.

Follow Joey Ingram on Social Media: @joeingram1

Follow Joey Ingram on Social Media: @joeingram1

“If you’re someone out there who’s interested, if you like the idea. It don’t matter what level of life you’re at. You know what, you’re struggling but you feel like you’ve got an okay mindset, you’re trying to get better, hit me up. Get in touch with me, man! I’ll talk with anybody about it.”

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