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Poker Bot “Libratus” Moves Toward Victory Against Top Pros

Poker pros share thoughts with community.
In-depth Reddit AMA plus Doug Polk video interviews.

High profile professional poker players Donger Kim, Jason Les, Jimmy Chou and Daniel McAulay have spent most of January competing against heads-up No Limit Texas Hold’em poker bot “Libratus” — a program developed by Carnegie Mellon University Professor Tuomas Sandholm alongside PhD student Noam Brown.

With the competition winding down, it appears that “Libratus” will claim victory over its human opponents who are battling it out at Rivers Casino in Pittsburgh. This has in turn made mainstream headlines across the tech, science and business world.

Left to Right: Jason Les, Donger Kim, Doug Polk, Jimmy Chou, Daniel McAulay (Jan 27, 2017)

Left to Right: Jason Les, Donger Kim, Doug Polk, Jimmy Chou, Daniel McAulay (Jan 27, 2017)

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Players Answer Questions in Poker Reddit AMA

Professional poker player Jason Les

Professional poker player Jason Les

Jason Les and Donger Kim took to the poker subReddit Friday to discuss the Brains vs. Artificial Intelligence Challenge and field questions from interested members of the poker community. More than 1,000 comments were submitted, with both diehard and recreational fans getting a chance to learn more about the competition and poker in general.

Doug Polk Travels to Pittsburgh, Interviews Players

Upswing Poker featured pro Doug Polk made the trip to Pittsburgh this weekend to interview his fellow players and friends as they gave their expert opinion on the latest CMU poker bot’s ability.

Watch Live on Twitch (Links)

You can check out the following links to watch live Human vs. Bot action on Twitch Poker.

Donger Kim vs. Libratus
Jason Les vs. Libratus
Jimmy Chou vs. Libratus
Daniel McAulay vs. Libratus

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Home > Poker Bot “Libratus” Moves Toward Victory Against Top Pros
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