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Red Rock Poker Room Review: A Nice Off-Strip Venue

Las Vegas is chock full of poker rooms, and there really is one for everyone. In the category of off-the-beaten-path rooms is the awesome Red Rock poker room.

Red Rock Casino opened in 2006 and sits on a roomy 70 acres near downtown Summerlin just off West Charleston Boulevard and the I-215.

The resort has 815 rooms, a spa, a three-acre pool area, spacious meeting rooms, slot machines, table games, a very nice 16-screen Regal Cinemas movie theatre, a bowling alley, a bingo hall, eleven restaurants, and, of course, an exceptional poker room that is comparable to many on the Vegas strip.

Red Rock poker room comfort

The Red Rock’s poker room is quite comfortable and holds 20 tables. The adjustable chairs are cozy, and the tables are in great shape. Table cell phone charging capabilities and free WiFi adds to the comfort. Several televisions line the walls showing sports and news. The room has its own restrooms, which is another plus.

Perhaps its biggest downside is the lack of room between tables. Consequently, if you are seated along the aisles between tables you are likely to be bumped frequently by passersby. Also, the entrance can get crowded with players checking in and waiting for a seat.

Also, because the Red Rock poker room is located next to the sports book, the side facing the sports book can get quite noisy, especially during games. Additionally, as there is no glass barrier on that side of the room, smoke can waft in from the sports book, which can make things rather unpleasant.

Like most other Las Vegas poker rooms, Red Rock utilizes the Bravo management system and app which allows players to see which games are currently running, how many tables are in use, and the length of the waiting list. Be sure to call ahead to have your name added to the list to save time. While there usually isn’t a long wait time for a seat, weekends can be crowded.

Red Rock poker room

Cash games

The Red Rock poker room regularly spreads limit and no-limit Hold’Em. You can always find:

  • $2/$4 limit with Â˝ kill
  • $4/$8 limit with ½ kill
  • $1/$2 no-limit
  • $2/$5 no-limit
  • $5/$10 no-limit
  • $4/$8 Omaha Hi-Lo with ½ kill. 

Other games are available upon request. Buy-ins are generally $20–$100 for limit games and $100–$300 for NLHE games.

Unlike several Las Vegas poker rooms that only offer Omaha when requested, Red Rock always has at least one Omaha table running all the time.

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Red Rock Casino poker tournaments

The Red Rock poker room offers two daily tournaments at 12:05 p.m. and 6:35 p.m. These low-rake tournaments have the added bonus of earning free entry into other tournaments with a straight flush, quads, or a royal flush. These are among the best daily poker tournaments in Las Vegas.

The first Friday of each month is reserved for the $5,000 monthly freeroll. Players who spend $500 in buy-ins and earn 50 points in a single month earn entry into this special tournament.

Other Friday evenings feature Red Rock’s No Limit Hold’Em (NLHE) bounty tournament with a $4,500 guarantee and $50 bounties. For a $160 buy-in, players receive 15,000 in starting chips with a $10 add-on for an additional 2,000 chips. Blind levels are 20 minutes. Late registration is accepted until 8:15 p.m.

Additional tournament information:

  • Monday through Friday 12:05 p.m.: For a $60 buy-in players receive 6,000 in starting chips for a $1,000 guarantee. 
  • Saturday 12:05 p.m.: This one features a $2,000 guarantee and $25 bounties. For a $100 buy-in players receive a 10,000-starting stack. 
  • Sunday 12:05 p.m.: This deep stack tournament features a $125 buy-in for 13,000 chips and a $2,500 guarantee.
  • Monday and Thursday 6:35 p.m.: For $100 with an optional $10 add-on, players receive 12,000 in tournament chips. Blind levels are 20 minutes, bounties are $25, and there is a $3,500 guarantee. 
  • Tuesday and Wednesday 6:35 p.m.: A $60 buy-in will get you 6,000 in starting chips along with $25 bounties and a $1,000 guarantee. 
  • Sunday 6:35 p.m.: This $2,000-guarantee tournament features 7,000 in starting chips for $60.

All of these tournaments feature 20-minute blinds, a $10 add-on for an additional 2,000 chips, and late entry/re-entry through the first break.

Climb the Rock series

Red Rock is hosting its $150,000 ‘Climb the Rock’ Poker Tournament Series. This five-part series includes four $25k-guaranteed tournaments plus a $50k-guaranteed grand finale. The $25k guaranteed tournaments took place on February 11th, April 29th, and June 10th, with one more coming up on August 19th.

The Climb the Rock $50k guaranteed grand finale will be held on the 25th of November. You can check the Red Rock Poker Room’s website or Twitter for more information on this exciting tournament series.

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Red Rock poker room promotions

Among the most popular and well-known of the Station Casinos’ poker promotions are flopped quads. At Red Rock, if you flop quads with any pocket pair on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays, you win a nifty $500. Additionally, its ‘Rock it to the Deuces’ promotion is a progressive quad flopper. On any day, flop the current quads to win, and the bonuses increase daily.

One of Red Rock’s newest promotions is its high hand of the hour. This runs Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday from 7 a.m.–10 a.m. and pays $200 each hour. There is also a Friday night high hand promotion from 6 p.m.–11 p.m with $200 for the highest hand each hour and $100 for the second highest. Players must have a full house or better to qualify. 

Red Rock also added an aces cracked promotion. Get your pocket aces beaten any time and receive a ticket for the 7 p.m. and 9 p.m. Friday drawings where six lucky players will compete for cash awards, Red Rock spa gift cards, and comps. Be playing in a live game at the time of the drawing and win an additional $100!

A new progressive straight flush promotion has also arrived along with the Red Rock’s $250 royal flush promotion. As is the case with other promotions, both hole cards must play.

For Omaha, steel wheels and royal flushes payout starting at $250 with a progressive increase for suits not hit during a particular period.

Even more recently, a new “Good Beat Single Table Jackpot” promo has arrived. Between 1 August and 30 September, aces full of tens beaten by four-of-a-kind or better gives all playing at the table a share of at least $5,000 broken down as follows: 40% to the winning hand, 20% to the losing hand, and 40% to the table. For each week the jackpot does not hit, $500 is added into the pot.


Finally, Station Casino players can earn comps with play. With a valid Station Casino MyBoardingPass card, live poker players earn $1 per hour which can be redeemed at any Station Casino for slot/video poker play, restaurant comps, bowling, show tickets, and cash depending on the cardholder’s membership level.

Red Rock poker room close up

Red Rock poker room staff

Generally speaking, management runs the Red Rock poker room like a well-oiled machine. Manager Tracy Mendiola has working for her an excellent staff of assistant managers, floor persons, and dealers—each of whom are adept and customer-focused. As a result, all of the dealers are fast, super-friendly, and accurate, and they remember regular players and seem genuinely to be happy to see them. 

Cocktail servers are always around and are attentive. Table side food service is also available, and is fast and friendly.

The bottom line

Generally, Red Rock poker room reviews tend to be positive across the board. If there is one common negative theme, it’s that Red Rock attracts many Vegas locals. Consequently, some reviewers have complained about (alleged) collusion and/or favoritism at the table. Visitors may view their friendly behavior toward each other and the staff as a negative; however, quite frankly, that’s the nature of any establishment with regular patrons. Personally, this is my favorite room.

Overall, however, the Red Rock poker room is a well-run, comfortable, and fun off-strip room where you can always find action.

Have you played at the Red Rock poker room? If so, please share your thoughts! If not, you should check it out if you want a nice and clean low-key room, with amicable players and a great staff. And if you happen to see me there, stop by and say hello!

Until next time.

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Home > Red Rock Poker Room Review: A Nice Off-Strip Venue
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