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The Wynn Poker Room at the Encore: An Unbiased Review

In May, 2016, the Wynn poker room was moved next door to the Encore. The new room is invitingly chic, and is the epitome of a world-class poker room that pampers its players.

Whether you’re a local or a tourist, a high- or low-stakes player, or Hold’Em or Omaha fan, you’ll probably find what you’re seeking in this new and beautiful room.

Appearance and comfort

Moving to the huge 8,600-square-foot Encore room enabled expansion from 25 to 28 tables. Like other poker rooms such as the ARIA and Bellagio, the Wynn poker room is split into two distinct areas: one for standard games and an separate area for higher-limit games.

Space and comfort abound wherever you play; players don’t have to worry about bumping into one another when entering and exiting their seats or being bumped into while playing.

Another noticeable change is a shift from a dark and somewhat gloomy room to one that is bright and welcoming.

wynn encore poker room review

The chairs are very comfortable, and the tables are impeccably well-kept. There are over three dozen 65-inch HD televisions mounted around the room, USB charging ports at every table, and dedicated restrooms. In the high-stakes area, there is a special VIP cashier’s cage with cash boxes for players.

Each table has automatic shufflers, and the room uses the Bravo management system so you can check available games and wait lists from your mobile device and call ahead to be placed on a list. (Table and game information can also be found at WynnPoker.com.)

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Wynn poker room cash games

The Wynn poker room spreads $1/$3 and $2/$5 No-Limit Texas Hold’Em (NLHE) with buy-in ranges between $100 and $500 for $1/$3 and $200-$1,500 for $2/$5. During peak summer months, players can find $10/$25 and higher-limit NLHE tables. The Wynn also spreads Pot Limit Omaha (PLO) games with various spreads of $1/$2, $2/$5, $5/$10, and $10/$25.

Mixed games are available periodically or upon request and involve primarily Seven Card Stud, Omaha Hi/Lo, and Triple Draw games. Typical mixed game limits are $6/$12, $9/$18, and $12/$24.

This room attracts many local cash players, especially at the mid to higher levels. Consequently, there is a noticeable familiarity between players, and a consistent group of players with solid playing styles. This could be discouraging for tourists or newer players. Perhaps the reported strength of the alcoholic beverages loosens everyone up–you’re quite likely to encounter an inebriated player or two.

Tournaments at the Wynn

The Wynn poker room offers daily NLHE tournaments at noon. Monday through Thursday features a $125+$15 buy-in, Friday and Sunday are $180+$20 with a $10,000 guarantee, and Saturday features a $200+$25 buy-in with a $25,000 guarantee. All tournaments feature 30-minute levels, add-on options, and unlimited re-buys/reentries and late registration until the first break; however, bonuses are given for early registration and being seated before noon.

Generally, the Wynn receives high marks for tournament organization and overall play.

The Wynn poker room also hosts the Wynn Classic tournaments. Most tournaments are NLHE with the occasional PLO events. These events are held throughout the year, typically during the spring, summer, and fall and can range from two to six weeks. The summer Wynn Classic runs along with the huge WSOP event in June and July. Buy-ins for these events range from $400 to $1,600. All of the Wynn Classic 2017 events had excellent turnouts, likely due to the very inviting guarantees. The Wynn Spring Classic 2017 offered a whopping $750,000 guarantee, while guarantees for the Wynn Fall Classic 2017 ranged from $50,000 to $500,000. Keep an eye out on the Wynn website for Wynn Classic 2018 dates and events.

You can also follow the Wynn poker Twitter for regular updates about tournaments and promotions.

Wynn poker room promotions

The Wynn poker room is one of five in Las Vegas that do not have a jackpot drop. Consequently, there are no promotions, but there are some nifty perks. All Red Card member cash game players receive $2 per hour in comps, which can be used for food and/or hotel and spa services. Additionally, players who give an average of six hours of action daily are eligible for a hotel discount.

Because there is no jackpot drop, the rake is a bit high at 10% up to $5 in all cash games, a rate similar to the Bellagio, ARIA, and Venetian poker rakes.

Poker room staff

Wynn Director of Poker Operations Ryan Beauregard brings his six years of experience managing the Wynn poker room Macau to Las Vegas, and he has big plans for the future.

The majority of patrons agree that the Encore poker room is very well-managed and the dealers are among the most knowledgeable and friendliest in Las Vegas. However, some players have commented on the ineptitude of certain dealers and floor persons who don’t seem to care about the players. Another common complaint is that the chip runners can be quite scarce. But overall, praise for the staff far outweighs the criticisms.

Food and drink

All of the Wynn’s and Encore’s restaurants are tasty but on the pricey side, as one might expect. Like most poker rooms, table-side service is available; however, some players have complained about the slow service for such a high-end room. The same goes for cocktail servers. When the room is busy, be prepared to wait a bit longer and expect your server to be in a hurry.

The verdict

Overall, the new Wynn poker room is a hit with locals and tourists alike. It provides the same chic comfort and elegance that higher end poker rooms like the Bellagio, ARIA, and Venetian offer; a wide variety of games and limits; and a decent amount of action. Of course, no poker room is perfect, but this one is certainly exceptional.

Have you visited the new Wynn poker room? If so, what are your thoughts?

Until next time.

Note: Want to upgrade your poker skills? Get free preflop charts and start playing like a pro before the flop.

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Home > The Wynn Poker Room at the Encore: An Unbiased Review
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