Bravo Poker Live Bravo Poker App

What is Bravo Poker Live and the Bravo Poker App?

Bravo Poker is a convenient, secure, and free poker information source available on the web and via a mobile app. Created by Genesis Gaming Solutions, Bravo Poker Live acts as a liaison between poker room managers and poker players all over the world. The Bravo Poker App provides players with a wealth of information right from their mobile phone.

So, what is Bravo Poker?

Quite simply, Bravo Poker is an important and useful platform for both poker room managers and poker players alike. For poker room managers, Bravo is a complete poker room management software system. It enables poker room supervisors and managers to accurately monitor, track, and provide information about the entire poker room.

For poker players, Bravo Poker Live and the Bravo Poker App provide a wealth of information such as open tables, live games, wait lists, upcoming tournament, room information, and current promotions.

Take a look at everything Bravo can do.

Bravo Poker Live Bravo Poker App

Bravo Poker Live

Bravo Poker Live keeps players current with up-to-the-minute poker room information, promotions, tournaments, live poker games, and wait lists for all participating poker rooms. In fact, players can utilize the “favorites” feature to quickly see what is happening at their favorite poker rooms or as a poker room locator in a particular area—either via GPS or by entering a zip code. The search function also enables players to find certain live games and cash limits, as well as tournaments by buy-in, structure, and other specifics.

However, information is only available on those poker rooms that use the Bravo software, so some smaller casinos may not be accessible.

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Bravo Poker Watch

With this groundbreaking platform, Bravo Poker Watch enables poker room supervisors to track the entire floor from one central screen. Thus, management is immediately aware of available seats, and no time is wasted filling them. Further, Bravo enables management to track players’ points, analyze table drop amounts, analyze room statistics, and review player history.

Bravo Tournament Watch

With Bravo Poker Live Tournament Watch, poker room personnel are able to easily set up and track poker tournament activities from registration through payout with a simple swipe of a card regardless of the tournament’s size.

In fact, Tournament Watch can:

  • Register players and maintain a list for easy reference
  • Track buy-ins, especially for rebuy and re-entry tournaments
  • Keep track of add-ons
  • Randomly assign tables and seats
  • Manage the clock and blind levels
  • Set up tournament structures
  • Display and update live prize pool amounts
  • Expedite player payouts
  • Issue receipts

Bravo Poker Live Bravo Poker App

Why you should use the Bravo Poker App

While Bravo can be accessed through any Internet browser, the Bravo Poker App is extremely useful and easy to use, not to mention it is always at your fingertips provided you have your phone.

Available as a free download for both iOS and Android operating systems, this fantastic app lets you:

  • Find a nearby poker room from an extensive poker room directory
  • Search for poker rooms with specific live poker games and/or limits
  • Sort rooms by distance or any other criteria you choose
  • Gain information about a particular poker room’s current open tables and wait lists
  • See a poker room’s upcoming tournaments
  • Browse for tournaments based on buy-in amount, structure, bounties, guarantees, and other valuable information
  • Check out a particular poker room’s current promotions
  • Place yourself on a wait list
  • Register for a tournament

Bravo Poker Live Bravo Poker App

In fact, since 2016, players have been able to register for World Series of Poker (WSOP) events through the Bravo App.

If you don’t have the Bravo Poker App, you are truly missing out. 

Have you used Bravo Poker Live and the Bravo Poker App? What do you think?

Until next time.

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Home > What is Bravo Poker Live and the Bravo Poker App?
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