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Must-See Poker Twitter News

A summary of recent #PokerTwitter news and drama.

Poker has made major headway on social media in recent days as some of the biggest names in the game have shared their views, prop bets and experiences with followers around the globe.

Here is a look at trending poker news stories that are engaging fans on Twitter.

Doug Polk PokerStars Partnership Troll

Our very own Doug Polk surprised almost everyone in the poker community Monday when he announced he had teamed up with PokerStars. Thirteen million dollar live poker event cash prize winner and PokerShares CEO Mike McDonald was one of the first high profile players to share the news on Twitter.

A few minutes into the poker personality’s video, this Upswing News reporter had already begun shopping around Isle of Man real estate sites for a luxurious Saddlestone, Douglas property best suited for churning out a first-ever Beat The Clock Blackjack promotional article for our new corporate Stars Group buddies, only to discover the partnership was nothing more than a bad dream.

Matt Glantz & Others Get Scammed by Poker Pro

What’s the quickest way to transfer a poker tournament backer’s hard-earned cash into your own pockets and get away with it?

Overselling an MTT package and proceeding to bust-out ranks up there, but poker pro Zohair Karim apparently got caught up in the 2017 WSOP Main Event hoopla and forgot to dump — ultimately cashing for just over $40,000 in the year’s largest event before allegedly hitting the high stakes Mirage Las Vegas Baccarat tables.

Poker Night in America organizer Matt Glantz fell victim to Karim’s scam, is pissed about it, and believes the experience should be shared with fellow poker investors.

Meanwhile, poker player and former attorney Jamie Kersetter has upped her social media game once again with a well-received observation that hit the mark with hundreds of Poker Twitter fans.

Chainsaw Min-Cash Mastery

Outgoing Poker Twitter correspondent Allen ‘Chainsaw’ Kessler is in the news this week thanks to an op-ed by poker writer James Guill for Cardplayer Lifestyle.

For our readers who are unfamiliar with Guill’s work, check out our More Rake is Better winner’s list and scroll down to the Number 3 spot.

Mason Malmuth Embraces Jacobite Barnes?

Admittedly there’s a bit of research necessary to capture the true essence of TwoPlusTwo Forum Top Dog Mason Malmuth‘s recent entry, but as usual the actual story doesn’t disappoint.

The legendary poker author and Two Plus Two Publishing chief has consistently questioned the value of Poker Mindset Coaching ever since these services became a subset of premium poker training. It is no secret that Malmuth believes increasing one’s poker knowledge and applying key strategy concepts will automatically improve any poker player’s “mindset” woes.

So when 2017 WSOP Main Event champion Scott Blumstein referenced “poker visualization” in a July 23rd ESPN interview, longtime Malmuth fans might’ve imagined a discussion about #AllThingsPoker would pop-up on the News, Views & Gossip board.

Poker Mindset instructor Jared Tendler makes an appearance in the thread to debate the topic with Malmuth, but forum-goers were treated to another delight on July 28th when Jacobite Barnes entered the mix with a unique swell-guy offer of his own.

In response, the former Norfolk Corporation troubleshooter posted that “perhaps we should consider making [Jacobite Barnes] the official 2+2 Mindset Coach. The fact that he has no qualifications shouldn’t be a deterrent, plus he’s a nice guy.”

With a simple thread-starter, Jacobite has managed to rub some NVG’ers the right way in a hot-button debate that finds the biggest names in poker at odds about the value of poker mental coaches. However, it remains to be seen whether Mr. Barnes will be ascended to an official 2+2 position anytime soon.

Joey Ingram 3-to-1 Prop Bet vs. Bill Perkins

Businessman and poker enthusiast Bill Perkins returned to the Poker Life Podcast this week to talk about poker current events with host Joey Ingram, and committed $15,000 cash (to Joey’s $5k) that the #OOL guru won’t be able to swim one mile in St. Thomas before October 1st.

Papi may be a shark at the PLO tables, but comes off as a legitimate underdog for this particular prop bet… and PokerShares agrees.

Mike Dentale’s Epic Poker Twitter Photo

The #FreeMike Poker Twitter campaign went full-throttle Tuesday afternoon when the heads-up second place finisher caught a social media ban.

Dentale’s latest corporate social media shunning may not typically make a current events news cycle, but the poker cash game personality’s knack for redeeming himself in some modest way has Polk & Papi campaigning on the Poker Twitter streets.

Can ChicagoJoey swim a mile by the end of next month?
Is Jamie Kersetter’s Poker Twitter game reaching Wendy’s® heights?

Follow along with our Poker Twitter updates and top trending news stories, brought to you by your friends here at Team Upswing.

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