Revealed: 10 Pieces of Evidence That Prove More Rake is Better

Daniel Negreanu’s bold claim that more rake can actually be a good thing for some games made us think long and hard…

…and we’ve decided that we completely agree! We just weren’t sure exactly why.

So, to prove this real and not at all corporate-sponsored sentiment, Joey Ingram and Doug Polk put out the call to their fans asking exactly why more rake is better.

Contest entries were in the form of pictures of videos. Winners will receive a year subscription to The Poker Lab, a copy of Joe Ingram’s book and, best of all, an authentic rake signed by Doug Polk.

Let’s take a look at the ten winners in no particular order (though #1 happens to be our favorite).

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10. More Rake Is Better (Gary N.)

Gotta give credit to Gary for the effort he put into his entry.

After this, he might actually need that rake from Doug, signed or not.

9.  Polker Stars: The Rake Awakens (Liquidsword2jz)

Get Disney on the horn! We’ve got their next big Star Wars spin off right here.

the rake awakens rakeit contest

8. #RakeIt Remix (Jack “Swaggersorus” Sinclair)

The Swaggersorus lives up to his name with this #RakeIt remix (warning: Skrillex dubstep incoming).

7. What’s New in the Upswing Poker Lab? (Javier C.)

I’m surprised Daniel was willing to sign on to make a Poker Lab module while this contest was going down.

more rake is better module

The Poker Lab sure is getting valuable!

6. Raking in a PRIMO Parking Spot

Hey, did you guys know Daniel Negreanu has a Tesla?

more rake is better negreanu

5.  Michael Yeager – Dan Polk wants More Rake!

Famous YouTuber Dan Polk makes an appearance for this entry.

Kudos to the Yeager family for being awesome!

4. What’s Up Guys, Doug Polk Here to Explain Why More Rake is Better (Greg Les)

Heads-up pro and Doug Polk student Jason Les’ brother Greg got in the mix with this entry. It’s a spot on impression of Doug, if you ask me.

I am officially convinced!

3. More Rake? Who Cares… (James G.)

It’s been 6 years and it still somehow feels like it might be too soon to joke about…

more rake is better poker


2. – Think of the Farmers! (Mitch Reid)

more rake is better

…maybe we’re the greedy ones?

1. Painting The Contemporary Poker Game (Luke Dangler)

Last but not least, this entry was a particularly cool showcase of artistic talent.

That entry seriously blows my mind.

So after all of this, is Daniel Negreanu right? Is more rake better?

Hell no! Are you crazy? It’s bad for winning players, losing players and, if it drives enough players away, even the house.

Negreanu stands by his claim that the community took his comments out of context. Doug Polk addressed these claims and counted down the #RakeIt winners himself in this video:

…and make sure you watch long enough for the ‘honorable mentions’ montage. There were some amazing entries that just barely missed the top 10.

Thank so much to everybody who participated on this contest!

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Home > Revealed: 10 Pieces of Evidence That Prove More Rake is Better
Home > Revealed: 10 Pieces of Evidence That Prove More Rake is Better
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