isildur heater 2017

Isildur1 Is On A $1.7 Million Heater… in 2017! (And Other News)

Too busy to stay on top of everything happening in the poker world? Doug Polk is here to walk you through all the things you’ve missed!

The WSOP has wrapped up and there is a lot to talk about, including:

  • Kings Casino owner Leon Tsoukernik refusing to pay back a late night/early morning loan of $3 million to Aussie Matt.
  • Doug’s favorite poker quotes from history.
  • Phil Ivey and Dave “Devilfish” Ulliot being inducted into the Poker Hall of Fame and whether or not the HoF really matters in 2017.
  • Isildur1’s latest unbelievable upswing on Pokerstars. Will this be the one that sticks?
  • Infamous Full Tilt founder Chris Ferguson leads the WSOP Player of the Year race.
  • What’s wrong with the POY system’s latest update?

Click on the video below to see what Doug had to say.

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