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PLO Pro Just $2,700 Away from $25,000 Bankroll Challenge Goal

Dylan Weisman is close to mission accomplished on his $5,000 to $25,000 Pot Limit Omaha bankroll challenge.

After 17 sessions, Weisman is just $2,700 short of his goal. Day 17 saw Weisman run the bankroll up from $17,709 to $22,300 in a five-hour session.

The next stream for Weisman, who’s known as co0kies1 on Twitch, could be the one that sends the PLO pro over the 25k mark. Let’s take a look at some of the highlights from Weisman’s bankroll challenge so far.

Tough Start

Weisman began the challenge in mid-February, starting on the $1/$2 PLO streets on WSOP.com. Following a set of pre-determined bankroll guidelines, Weisman set out to prove that the poker dream is still alive in 2020, and the games at the mid-stakes are still profitable.

Weisman’s rules dictated that he could move up in stakes whenever he had 15 buy-ins for the next highest-stake, and by Day 3 he had the requisite $6,000 to take a shot at $2/$4. 

Early on in the $2/$4 run, Weisman encountered a slowrolling opponent on a flop, but the hand ended with Wesiman getting the last laugh. Another big hand saw Weisman hit the most favorable of flops, with quads hitting the board in a three-bet pot:

That first shot at $2/$4 didn’t go Wesiman’s way over the next few days, with viewers seeing co0kies1 have to drop back down to $1/$2. The bankroll dropped as low as $2,050 at one point, and by Wesiman’s rules he would have had to drop down to $0.50/$1 if it fell below $2,000.

The Resurgence

Though the first seven sessions had Weisman on the brink of having to drop in stakes, the next four sessions saw the bankroll balloon to over $12k. Days 12 and 13, however, didn’t go as well, and by the beginning of Day 14 Weisman was back down to right around his original $5,000 bankroll.

Since then, Weisman’s been on a surge. Day 14 saw a $2k profit, Day 15 added $4k to the roll, and Day 16 brought $5k more to Weisman’s total, putting him at the $17,709 mark.

Some of the highlights from this stretch included Weisman stacking an opponent with quad threes, getting the best of a preflop heads-up at $3/$6 for a $1,300 pot, and shutting down an opponent with a turn shove.

Weisman’s latest session added another $5k to the roll, bringing him up to his current (as of March 14) mark of $22,300.

The current status of the bankroll allows Weisman to play at stakes up to $5/$10, where things are still going well in spite of the occasional cooler:

$25K In Sight

With just $2,700 to go until the $25,000 goal is reached, the next stream from co0kies1 could be the clincher.

Weisman ended Day 17 by saying he’s planning to stream again on Sunday, March 15. With the games on WSOP.com running juicy, Sunday’s stream could very well be the one that sees Weisman hit the finish line, so be sure to tune in to his Twitch channel!

You can learn from Weisman in the Advanced PLO Mastery course here on Upswing Poker.

Home > PLO Pro Just $2,700 Away from $25,000 Bankroll Challenge Goal
Home > PLO Pro Just $2,700 Away from $25,000 Bankroll Challenge Goal
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