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Is Phil Ivey Bluffing? Patrik Antonius Sure Hopes So! (Hand Analysis)

Poker legends go to war in a huge pot on The Million Dollar Cash Game.

The same cruel flop gives Phil Ivey a Full House and Trips to Patrik Antonius. Can Patrik lay it down, or will he interpret Ivey’s barreling as a bluff? Watch below for the full hand and Doug Polk’s analysis.

(Note: After some uproar in the comments of a previous video, footage of a man who will not be named has been appropriately blurred out of this episode.)

In case Doug’s analysis wasn’t enough, 3 years ago Patrik and Phil sat down with each other to discuss their thoughts on this very hand. Check that out below!

I hope you enjoyed your extensive look into this infamous hand.

Check back later this week for more poker video content from Doug!

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