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Doug Polk Links Tom Dwan to Another 7-Figure Scandal

A mysterious but well known poker player has owed pro sports bettor Haralabos Voulgaris a seven figure sum since 2012.

Is he talking about Tom Dwan? Doug Polk investigates.

In 2015,  Haralabos Voulgaris was on Joe Ingram’s podcast when he made cryptic references to an ‘‘NVG Superhero’’ who owed him a seven figure sum since 2012.

When pressed for more information, he wouldn’t confirm or deny he was talking about Tom Dwan.

Two years later, in March of 2017, Voulgaris tweets:

This isn’t definitive by any stretch of the imagination, why assume he’s talking about Tom Dwan in the first place? Well, he has done something very similar in the past. I’ll let Doug Polk explain:

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