Phil Hellmuth Tilts HARD in a Big Pot Against Tom Dwan (Hand Analysis)

The one-sided Tom Dwan and Phil Hellmuth feud.

Despite his explosive character, most of Phil Hellmuth’s rivalries have been friendly away from the table…

…but his rivalry with then newcomer Tom Dwan was like no other. Phil once famously told Dwan “Son, we’ll see if you’ll even be around in 5 years’’ after a bad beat.

It wasn’t as overt as his bouts with Tony G, but Dwan had a way of getting under Hellmuth’s skin just by existing (and playing aggressively). Such is the case with this Poker After Dark hand, where all Dwan had to do in order to win a big pot was to be himself and raise.

As always, Doug will give you the details.

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 Check back tomorrow for another video from Doug! See ya.

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