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Nick Petrangelo Wins First Triton Poker Title For $775,000

Upswing Poker students know Nick Petrangelo as Upswing’s resident high-stakes tournament crusher. He’s also one of the most respected players among his high-roller poker peers, and one of the most feared tournament grinders in the game.

Petrangelo crossed yet another major accomplishment off of his list on Tuesday, taking down his first-ever Triton Poker championship. Nick topped the field in the $50K NLH Turbo at the Triton Poker Super High Roller Series Montenegro 2024, taking home $775,000 for first place.

As you can see on his Hendon Mob page, Nick has just about done it all in the realm of tournament poker. A win on the Triton Poker tour, perhaps the most prestigious high-stakes tournament tour in the world, had eluded him before Tuesday.

Petrangelo’s resume on the Triton Poker tour includes 15 cashes, eight final tables, and now, a win. He broke through in a field that included elite players like Dylan Linde (3rd – $362,000), Isaac Haxton (6th – $164,000), and Steve O’Dwyer (8th – $101,000).

Nick outlasted Lewis Spencer (2nd – $556,000) to clinch the $50K NLH Turbo title.

The championship comes just three days after another huge score for Nick, who finished fourth in the $50K NLH 8-Handed event for $667,000.

Become a Tournament Crusher With Nick Petrangelo’s Upswing Poker Courses

Nick Petrangelo is Upswing Poker’s Lead Tournament Coach, and with good reason.

Nick sits at 19th on the all-time Hendon Mob money list, with more than $34 million in live tournament earnings. Aside from the recent Triton Poker win, his list of accomplishments also includes two WSOP bracelets, a $2,016,000 cash at the 2022 Super High Roller Bowl, and a victory in the 2022 Poker GO Tour Stairway to Millions series.

He’s cashed for seven-figure scores six times in his career, and he’s undeniably one of the most accomplished and respected poker players in the world.

The following courses from Petrangelo are available at Upswing Poker right now. Be sure to take advantage of our World Series of Tournaments Sale and get these courses at unprecedented low prices.

Poker Tournament Mastery: Road To Victory (30% Off During WSOT Sale)

Upswing Poker released Road to Victory just before the 2023 tournament season, and it truly is the ultimate tournament poker course. Taught by Darren Elias and Nick Petrangelo, Road to Victory is Upswing’s best-selling course of 2024.

Elias takes you on the full journey of going through a poker tournament, from the early stages, through the middle stages, up to the money bubble, at the final three tables, and at the final table.

Elias and Petrangelo teach players how to adjust their strategy in each stage of the tournament, and how to adjust to the different kinds of players you’ll encounter in tournaments like the WSOP Main Event and other very profitable tournaments around Las Vegas during the summer.

Road to Victory includes:

  • 25+ hours of training videos
  • Preflop Mastersheet App (with hundreds of charts for every common situation)
  • Exploit Preflop Ranges (50 charts that will help you adjust your strategy like a pro)

Darren and Nick are known by their poker peers as the best of the best. Road to Victory brings Darren’s exploitative approach combined with Nick’s solver-based, GTO strategies.

Road to Victory sale price: $699 (30% savings off the normal price of $999).

The $699 sale price for Road to Victory is about what you’ll pay for one buy-in for a low-stakes tournament in Vegas this summer. If you plan on coming out for tournament season, this will be the best $699 you’ve ever spent.

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Tournament Expert Bundle (50% Off)

Upswing’s Tournament expert bundle includes Road to Victory and Nick’s High Stakes MTT Sessions course. 

High Stakes MTT Sessions features Nick’s first-person view as he plays through the PokerStars SCOOP series, one of the toughest online tournament series in the game. Nick recorded his entire run through the SCOOP, in which he multi-tabled tournaments from $1,000 to $25,000 buy-ins.

This course is heavy on hand reviews, and offers an exclusive cards-up perspective on the prestigious SCOOP series from the view of one of the world’s top players.

High Stakes MTT Sessions includes:

  • 23 hours of elite session review
  • Unprecedented footage from the prestigious SCOOP series
  • Concept-focused hand review
  • Themed Play & Explains (multiway pots, blind vs. blind, ICM conditions)

Tournament Expert Bundle sale price: $999 (50% savings off the normal price of $1,998).

Keep in mind the Tournament Expert Bundle includes two courses – Road to Victory and High Stakes MTT Sessions.

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Super High Roller Bundle (51% Off)

If you want access all six of Upswing’s top-level poker tournament courses, the Super High Roller Bundle is for you.

This bundle 90+ hours of training over six courses:

  • Road to Victory
  • High Stakes MTT Sessions
  • Winning Poker Tournaments
  • ICM Unmasked
  • Deep Stack Dominance
  • Victory Vault

This bundle of six courses gives you $4,094 in value for a sale prize of $1,999.

We’ve covered Road to Victory and High Stakes MTT Sessions. Let’s take a look at what to expect from the other four courses in this incredible bundle:

Winning Poker Tournaments (with Nick Petrangelo)

Winning Poker Tournaments is Upswing Poker’s all-time best-selling course. This course gives you everything you need to build a winning tournament strategy from the ground up. You’ll learn technical strategies that work vs. strong players, weak players, and everyone in between.

Upswing Poker doesn’t actively sell Winning Poker Tournaments anymore, but we’re unlocking this all-time great course for a limited time. 

The only way to get Winning Poker Tournaments is via the Super High Roller Bundle during our Tournament Sale.

Winning Poker Tournaments includes:

  • Preflop strategies (10 videos plus Nick’s Mastersheet)
  • Postflop strategies (24 videos)
  • Play & Explain (20 videos)

Winning Poker Tournaments is a $999 value. For more information on this course, click here.

ICM Unmasked

Originally released as a bonus add-on for Winning Poker Tournaments buyers, ICM Unmasked features seven hours of instruction specifically focused on ICM play.

ICM (Independent Chip Modeling) is the most crucial concept to understand in tournament poker. The deeper a tournament goes, the more money is on the line.

A move you make in a poker cash game might not be the right move at a tournament final table with life-changing money on the line. Nobody knows more about critical decisions late in a tournament than Nick Petrangelo, and he brings that knowledge to you in ICM Unmasked.

ICM Unmasked includes:

  • Nick’s expert methods for range adjusting
  • General insights and specific tactics for money bubble play
  • Play & Explains from Nick’s victory in a $2K buy-in SCOOP event
  • Adjusting for factors completely missed by ICM

ICM Unmasked is a $299 value. For more information on this course, click here.

Deep Stack Dominance

Deep Stack dominance covers all things related to early-tournament strategy. The first few levels of a tournament generally feature very deep stacks (100 big blinds or more), while the later stages of the tournament see the stacks get much more shallow. The deep stack element makes early-stage play unique.

Nick Petrangelo is your instructor for Deep Stack Dominance, which includes:

  • 5+ hours of tournament training videos
  • Elite analysis of hands from the $300,000 Super High Roller Bowl
  • Battle-tested strategies for single-raised pots, 3-bet pots, and 4-bet pots

Deep Stack Dominance is a $399 value. For more information on this course, click here.

Victory Vault

Victory Vault was originally released as an add-on for the Road to Victory course. Darren and Nick analyze tournament hands submitted by Upswing Members, from buy-ins ranging from $11 up to $2,000 buy-in live events.

This course offers a unique perspective from Darren and Nick, who shift from analyzing their own hands to discussing hands from Upswing Poker subscribers.

As always, Nick provides his perspective from a solver-based, GTO strategy perspective, while Darren adds his insights from his exploitative approach to poker. This course, however, prominently features organic conversation between the two tournament crushers and discusses the best plays to make for each specific spot.

Victory Vault includes:

  • Four hours of hand discussion from Nick Petrangelo and Darren Elias
  • Hands submitted by Upswing Poker members
  • Hands from buy-ins ranging from $11 to $2,000

Victory Vault is a $399 value. For more information on this course, click here.

The Super High Roller bundle of six courses will sell for $1,999 during the World Series of Tournaments Sale.

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