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Take a Sneak Peek at Winning Poker Tournaments with Nick Petrangelo

Wouldn’t it be nice to get access to a super high roller’s strategy to use in poker tournaments you play?

Nick Petrangelo has teamed up with Upswing to bring you Winning Poker Tournaments, an in-depth training course that is available right here, right now!

Nick is widely regarded as one of the best live and online tournament players in the world, and his stats back that up:

  • $15,970,425 in live cashes 
  • $6,891,560 in online cashes with about $1,400,000 profit — under the names caecilius (PokerStars) and canofcorn22 (Full Tilt)
  • He’s won a second WSOP and cashed for $5,700,000 in the past 5 months

Nothing is held back by Nick in this course, and I’m excited to show you exactly what is inside. But first, let’s watch a couple sneak peek clips so you can get a preview of Nick’s easy to understand teaching style.

Note: Nick also worked hard to create ICM Unmasked. This bonus course covers how to adjust your play when you’re playing for a prize pool and not just chips (like on the bubble or near a pay jump).

ICM Unmasked costs $299. Members of Winning Poker Tournaments get $200 off and pay just $99.

I’ve previewed the contents of ICM Unmasked in this article as well.

Sneak Peeks

$25,000 WCOOP Hand Review (Play & Explain preview)

C-Betting A-High Boards (Postflop video preview)

Introduction to ICM (ICM Unmasked Preview)

Get Winning Poker Tournaments now

What’s inside Winning Poker Tournaments with Nick Petrangelo?

The course’s 27 hours of video content is divided into four sections. Let’s take a look at each of them.

Introduction (4 videos)

Nick introduces himself and gives you a quick rundown of the course. Then he teaches you how to learn from and think about poker solvers so you are prepared for the later sections, which are heavily focused on solver findings. 

  • Course Intro (9:32)
  • Intro to Solvers (19:08)
  • Intro to Pio (28:25)
  • Intro to Pio Pt 2 (17:50)

(Don’t worry, you don’t have to learn how to use a solver yourself to learn from Nick’s course — though it can’t hurt.)

Preflop (10 videos + Nick’s Mastersheet)

Nick shares his personal Preflop Mastersheet with 250+ charts and runs through a few of them to show you how to use it. 

The Mastersheet covers the following situations at 6 different stack depths (100BB, 50BB, 30BB, 25BB, 20BB, 15BB):

  • Raising First In (RFI)
  • Alternative RFI Strategies for 15bb and 20bb (these include a tough open-limping range)
  • Big Blind Defense
  • Blind vs Blind
  • Vs RFI
  • Vs 3-Bet for 30bb+
  • Squeezing for 30bb+

The Preflop videos:

  • Intro to Mixed Strategies (10:53)
  • Preflop Mastersheet Tutorial (15:03)
  • 15BB RFI (13:16)
  • 15BB RFI Alternative Strategies (15:42)
  • 15BB Defend (18:23)
  • 25BB RFI (8:36)
  • 25BB Defend (23:55)
  • 50BB Defend Pt1 (6:25)
  • 50BB Defend Pt2 (8:01)
  • 100BB Defend (6:48)

Postflop (24 videos)

Nick dives into his personal library of PioSolver sims to show you how to approach the most common and important postflop spots. He explains why he thinks the solver does what it does, where and why he deviates from it, and where and why he doesn’t.

  • C-Betting A High Boards Pt1 (25:28)
  • C-Betting A High Boards Pt2 (34:53)
  • C-Betting A High Boards Pt3 (33:24)
  • C-Betting Dynamic Boards (23:27)
  • C-Betting Wet Boards (20:08)
  • Monotone Boards (16:56)
  • Paired Boards (34:56)
  • C-Betting Turn Pt1 (44:53)
  • C-Betting Turn Pt 2 (42:44)
  • Playing vs C-Bet Pt1 (29:04)
  • Playing vs C-Bet Pt2 (21:35)
  • C/R from the BB Part 1 (23:07)
  • C/R from the BB Part 2 (12:10)
  • Probing Turn Pt1 (34:30)
  • Probing Turn Pt2 (36:04)
  • Single Raised Pots OOP Pt1 (23:20)
  • Single Raised Pots OOP Pt2 (19:56)
  • Single Raised Pots OOP Pt3 (30:22)
  • 3-Bet Pots SB vs BTN Pt1 (27:44)
  • 3-Bet Pots SB vs BTN Pt2 (15:02)
  • 3-Bet Pots In Position (23:52)
  • Blind vs Blind Postflop  (19:33)
  • Blind vs Blind Limp Check (29:56)

Play & Explain (20 videos)

Nick does in-depth online and live hand history reviews so you can see his strategy in action. This section will help you nail down the strategies and tactics you pick up throughout the course.

  • $25,000 WCOOP Review Pt1-Pt5 (4 hours and 35 minutes)
  • $10,000 SCOOP Review Pt1-Pt3 (2 hours and 36 minutes)
  • $5,000 SCOOP Review Pt1-Pt6 (3 hours and 15 minutes)
  • WCOOP Sunday Live Play (33:51)
  • C/R vs. C-Bet from the BB Part 1 (25:24)
  • C/R vs. C-Bet from the BB Part 2 (39:40)
  • Hand Breakdown Q4s vs Brian Rast (18:50)
  • Hand Breakdown QQ vs Dan Smith Pt1 (16:44)
  • Hand Breakdown QQ vs Dan Smith Pt2 (14:06)

ICM Unmasked

In this 4 hour bonus add-on — with 4 more hours coming soon — Nick uses tools and examples to explain how to adjust your strategy when you’re playing for a prize pool and not just chips (like on the money bubble or near a pay jump). He explains how to use ICM and reveals how to account for the many factors that ICM misses.

  • Introduction (28:48)
  • Practical Application Pt1 (32:35)
  • Practical Application Pt2 (51:33)
  • Pros and Cons (20:18)
  • Theory Pt1 (42:53)
  • Theory Pt2 (31:47)
  • Theory Pt3 (30:39)

Winning Poker Tournaments FAQ

Q. How much does the course cost?

Winning Poker Tournaments costs $999 for lifetime access. Nick’s ICM Unmasked course costs $299, but you get $200 off if you become a Winning Poker Tournaments member first.

Q. Is there a members-only group?

Yes. All members get access to Nick’s private Facebook group, where you can ask questions and discuss the course content with fellow tournament players.

Q. Is the course appropriate for new players?

Players at most skill levels will benefit greatly from watching Winning Poker Tournaments. That said, if you’re just getting started playing poker, you’re better off going with the Upswing Lab until you understand the basics.

Q. Is there a discount for members of Upswing’s previous tournament course, Tournament Master Class?

Yes! Master Class members can get $300 off the new course by emailing me (Mike Brady) at [email protected].

Q. What is the difference between this course and Tournament Master Class?

Since this course is taught by a different player, the overarching strategy is different in most ways — the strategy in Winning Poker Tournaments being more cutting-edge and solver-based. Some of the differences are big (such as the preflop ranges) and others are subtle (such as the c-betting size on certain ace-high boards).

You’re ready to start winning more poker tournaments, right?


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