Introducing Tracks in The Upswing Poker Lab

The Upswing Poker Lab offers a comprehensive collection of poker strategy lessons that help players of all skill levels upgrade their game.

The Upswing team realizes, however, that the sheer amount of information contained in the Lab can be overwhelming at times.

Upswing’s newest feature aims to streamline the study process like never before. Introducing Learning Tracks, a system that organizes the hundreds of training videos in the Upswing Lab into a structured learning environment.

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The Learning Tracks feature carries on the mission of what Upswing co-founder Doug Polk originally intended for the Lab. In 2016, Polk set out to create a poker training program that rose above the rest in terms of not only the quality of content, but the organization of that content.

We’ve added new content to the Lab at an average pace of one new module per month over the past seven years. That approach has led to the Lab library growing to more than 100 modules and 600 videos as of 2023.

Learning Tracks organizes the modules that contain those videos into a structured learning path. Here’s a look at those tracks:


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Note: If you prefer the classic format of the Upswing Lab, navigate to the “Lab Directory” by scrolling past the Learning Tracks menu.

No Limit Simplified

The No Limit Simplified section essentially contains the material that comprised the original version of the Upswing Poker Lab. The 30-module, 23-hour track goes through a poker approach known as the Four-Category System, which Polk and Fee introduced to the poker lexicon when they launched the Lab in 2016.

no limit simplified track

The Four-Category System still works as a great introduction to advanced poker strategy. Polk and Fee cover topics including preflop ranges, single-raised pots, 3-bet pots, bet sizing, position, bankroll management, and even mental game.

No-Limit Simplified Track Quick Facts

  • Length: 30 modules, 23 hours
  • Coaches: Doug Polk, Ryan Fee, Gary Blackwood
  • Focus: Introduction to No-Limit Hold’em Strategy

The No-Limit Simplified track is essential viewing if you’ve joined the lab as a newcomer to poker. Be sure to check out the Moving On From The Four Categories module from Upswing coach Gary Blackwood, which gives you the resources you’ll need to transition from the Four-Category System into the more advanced concepts found in the Lab.

Live Cash Game Bankroll Booster

The popularity of live poker is booming around the world. If you’re a live cash game player, the Live Cash Game Bankroll Booster is an essential track geared to develop your live cash skills.

The Live Cash Game Bankroll Booster track begins with Gary Blackwood’s Advanced Live Poker Strategy module. That module gives you everything you need to develop your fundamental strategies for live play and crush the competition at any stakes.

From there, the track goes into modules created by Fee and live poker specialist Mike Finstein, focused on live play. You’ll also find advanced modules near the end of the track (from Blackwood and online cash game crusher Ryan Riske)  that can apply to live or online games.

Live Cash Game Bankroll Booster Quick Facts

  • Length: 9 modules, 28 hours
  • Coaches: Gary Blackwood, Doug Polk, Ryan Fee, Mike Finstein, Ryan Riske
  • Focus: Live Cash Game Strategy

Online Cash Game Crash Course

The most beastly Learning Track in the Lab comes in the form of the Online Cash Game Crash Course. By the time you reach the end of this track, you’ll be ready to come out on top in even the toughest online cash games.

This part of the lab will teach you how to study poker with a solver-based approach. Understanding game-theory optimal (GTO) strategies and solvers is a must if you want to compete at the online tables in the modern poker era.

The first module in this track, titled Advanced Preflop Strategy, comes from coach Fried Meulders, widely considered one of the top regulars in the 500NL Zoom games on PokerStars. Those games are some of the toughest in the world, and you’re in good hands with Meulders as your instructor.

The remainder of the track features plenty more from Meulders, along with several other coaches from Upswing’s world-class roster.

Online Cash Game Course Quick Facts

  • Length: 16 modules, 70 hours
  • Coaches: Fried Meulders, Gary Blackwood, Tim Jenkins, Jason McConnon, Ryan Riske
  • Focus: Online Cash Game Strategy

The roster of coaches assembled in the Online Cash Game Crash Course track represents some of the most accomplished and respected players in the modern game. The track covers just about every conceivable concept, including preflop play, single-raised pots, 3-bet pots, overbets, range betting, and much more. Be sure to check out the PioSOLVER Crash Course from online cash game crusher Tim Jenkins, which teaches you how to use the powerful PioSOLVER tool to it’s fullest.

Advanced Cash Game Tactics

Once you finish Online Cash Game Crash Course, you’ll be capable of competing in just about any online game. The next step from there is the Advanced Cash Game Tactics track, which delves into high-level tactics designed to give you an edge against even the toughest opponents.

While the Online Cash Game Crash Course track covers the fundamentals of poker, the Advanced Cash Game Tactics track dives deep into concepts like overbetting on the flop, block betting, donk betting, triple barrel pots, and more.

Advanced Cash Game Tactics Quick Facts

  • Length: 10 modules, 27 hours
  • Coaches: David Yan, Gary Blackwood, Jason McConnon, Ryan Riske, Daniel Merrilees
  • Focus: Advanced Cash Game Strategy

Finish this track after the Online Cash Game Crash Course, and you’ll own the knowledge imparted from the entire library of Upswing Lab cash game courses.

Tournament Starter Pack

Nothing matches the excitement of running deep in a poker tournament. If you’re new to tournament play, know that this poker format is a much different animal when compared to cash game play.

The Tournament Starter Pack goes over the basics of tournament play. Go through this track and you’ll be ready to embark on the journey of going through a multi-table tournament as a capable player.

Tournament Starter Pack Quick Facts

  • Length: 6 modules, 17 hours
  • Coaches: Doug Polk, Ryan Fee, Parker Talbot
  • Focus: Introduction To Poker Tournament Strategy

Topics from the Tournament Starter Pack include ICM basics, playing 10-25 big blind stacks, 3-bet pots, and a WSOP Tune-Up course from Doug Polk.

Advanced Tournament Strategy

The Advanced Tournament Strategy Track is the tournament equivalent of the Advanced Cash Game Tactics. This track will equip you with key fundamentals of tournament play, along with advanced concepts that give you an edge in just about any tournament field.

The Advanced Tournament Strategy track covers preflop play, flop c-betting, advanced ICM concepts, bounty tournaments, and much more. 

Be sure to check out the How to Win the WSOP Main Event module from 2020 Online Main Event champ Stoyan Madanzhiev, which gives you a never-before-seen look at Madanzhiev’s perspective through the middle and late stages of the tournament, which resulted in a nearly $4 million win for the poker pro.

Advanced Tournament Strategy Quick Facts

  • Length: 17 modules, 42 hours
  • Coaches: Tim Jenkins, Moritz Dietrich, Hristivoje “ALLinPAV” Pavlovic, Stoyan Madanzhiev
  • Focus: Introduction To Poker Tournament Strategy

The poker dream is very much alive in the modern era, as tournament attendance and prize money continue to reach unprecedented heights. Finish the Advanced Tournament Strategy Track and you’ll likely go into your next tournament with a big edge on most of the field.

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Home > Introducing Tracks in The Upswing Poker Lab
Home > Introducing Tracks in The Upswing Poker Lab
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