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10 Things You Need to Read This Weekend

Recommended reading for this weekend from Upswing Poker

  1. Tournaments have been a significant focus for Upswing Poker over the last few weeks as the 48th Annual World Series of Poker enters its homestretch leading up to the Main Event. In this article, strategy contributor Miikka Anttonen lists 5 Poker Tournament Myths that many players fail to identify as such.

  2. Mathematics wizard and soon-to-be Medical Doctor Thomas Pinnock debuted as an Upswing Poker contributor recently with a popular article that covers How Top Pros Analyze Poker Hands in 2017.

  3. Poker tournament phenom Fedor Holz joined Joey Ingram to talk about his new company Primed Mind this June, and revealed that he has dedicated 12 hours every day for the past five years to poker. You can view that Poker Life Podcast episode along with a Timestamps recap here.

  4. While we’re on the topic of podcasts and ChicagoJoey, our very own featured pro Doug Polk sat down with Dr. GTO to talk about his 2017 High Roller for One Drop victory and show off his third career WSOP bracelet. View the video and recap here.

  5. “Even the best poker players in the world lose money from the small and big blind,” states Thomas Pinnock in his June 30th entry on The Professional Approach to Straddled and Three-Blind Pots. Find out how today’s poker pros adjust to maximize profit or minimize loss in these live cash game scenarios.

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  7. Tournament poker remains a highly exploitative format for top players willing to put in the effort to achieve success, Miikka Anttonen informs us. One situation that causes pros difficulty is How To Open-Raise In MTTs. Discover the math behind opening effectively in tournaments and walk away a winner more frequently.

  8. Did poker really begin in a Tombstone, Arizona saloon with Doc Holiday spinning an enamel tankard and proudly proclaiming I’m your huckleberry to his opponents? “Nope,” says our in-house Director of Content Mike Brady. The game’s history in the United States dates back to the 1700s, and there’s evidence to suggest poker could be next-of-kin to a British game called Brag. The History of Poker and Its Possible Origins summarizes the possible origins and evolution of poker from cuneiform tablet hieroglyphics to modern-day digital entertainment.

  9. PokerStars will soon release its highly controversial “Rewards” program to the entire Rest of World market. Will the great rake debate finally be resolved?

  10. Feeling insecure about your poker career? Believe it or not, three-time WSOP bracelet winner Doug Polk knows what you’re going through. Ten years ago Doug actually considered giving up on his poker dream, but was encouraged by fellow posters in the TwoPlusTwo Forums to maintain his work ethic and beast it through. Upswing Poker contributor George Mathias relates the frustration Doug felt back then, revealing an important lesson in poker perseverance to our readers.

  11. Doug up-and-won the One Drop for $3.6 million less than a month ago. Here’s what went down along with details on how to enter the $30k Giveaway and RSVP your attendance to the official Upswing Poker Las Vegas Party at Surrender nightclub.

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Home > 10 Things You Need to Read This Weekend
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