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Who is Jason McConnon? Meet the Cash Game Beast Now on Team Upswing

Jason McConnon is a fixture on the mid-high stakes online poker scene, and the man known as JASON.MAC100 on PokerStars has spent the latter part of the 2010s as one of the UK’s most respected cash game specialists.

Now, he’s joined Team Upswing to teach Lab members how to crush cash games like he does.

Jason McConnon’s Sick Results

JASON.MAC100 can often be found playing high stakes on PokerStars and other sites, and his results are nothing short of BEASTLY. Take a look at his overall PokerStars graph since the beginning of 2018:

jason mcconnon pokerstars graph

That’s $115k profit in 200k hands (that redline 😍)

And here are his results from the smaller sites since the beginning of 2018:

jason mcconnon smaller sites graph

That’s $425k profit ($300k EV adjusted) in around 50k hands (includes rake)

I think these graphs make it pretty obvious why Doug and the guys are so excited to welcome Jason on the Upswing team.

In this article we’ll take a look at some of Jason McConnon’s biggest moments, as well as some of his entertaining tweets. But first…

Learn Jason’s Strategy in Single Raised Pots Out of Position

Jason’s first module in the Upswing Lab training course is available now for members (click here to join).

Here’s a list of every video you get inside Jason’s module:

  • Intro & Fundamentals
  • UTG vs Button Flop Strategy – Aggregated Reports
  • UTG vs Button Turn Strategy
  • Cutoff vs Button Flop Strategy – Aggregated Reports
  • Cutoff vs Button Turn Strategy
  • AJTss Flop Analysis (UTG vs Button)

If you play cash games, the aggregated reports alone are worth the price of a Lab membership.

Join Now to Watch These Videos >>

How Jason Climbed the Cash Game Ladder

JASON.MAC100 quickly climbed the cash game ladder on PokerStars in the second half of the 2010s, and went from playing $2.50/$5 NL in 2016 to his current preferred limits at $25/$50 in a short time frame, playing in some of the world’s toughest games.

We haven’t seen too much of McConnon on mainstream live poker broadcasts, but he did make an appearance on Live at the Bike in a $25/$50/$100 game filled with pros like Doug Polk, Ryan Fee, Dan “Jungleman” Cates, Garrett Adelstein and Dan Merrilees.

Let’s a take a rare live look at Jason as he tries a river bluff versus Doug Polk (from 0:46 to 4:51):

Deep WSOP Runs

McConnon is not a regular tournament player, but he still has a couple of impressive WSOP cashes to his name. The first came in the 2016 Main Event, where he finished in 78th place for $80,721.

His exit from this tournament gave us a memorable and controversial moment, when McConnon was admonished by fellow player Kenny Hallaert and WSOP Tournament Director Jack Effel for his use of push/fold charts at the table before busting out with top pair, against Adi Abugazal’s set of 10s.

McConnon’s even more impressive WSOP run came two years later in one of the toughest events, the 2018 $10k Heads-Up No Limit Hold’em Championship, in which McConnon narrowly missed out on winning a bracelet.

The tournament came down to McConnon and Justin Bonomo in the final round, in the midst of a record-setting run of tournament success for Bonomo in 2018 that vaulted him to the top of the all-time tournament money list.

McConnon and Bonomo were the final two remaining among a field of 114 players, with McConnon eliminating Adrien Allain, Faraz Jaka, Galen Hall, Kahle Burns, and Juan Pardo Dominguez en route to the final heads-up match against Bonomo.

jason mcconnon and justin bonomo at the wsop

Image via Poker News

McConnon’s run at the bracelet ended there, as Bonomo won the match in 59 hands to win his second career WSOP bracelet. McConnon took home $114,933 for the runner-up finish.

After the match, Bonomo said of McConnon: “He’s just the type of guy that knows all the spots inside and out. Definitely not someone that you want to face in a heads-up tournament.”

Ready to learn cash game tactics from McConnon?

Click here to get in the Lab and watch his content.

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Home > Who is Jason McConnon? Meet the Cash Game Beast Now on Team Upswing
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