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[QUIZ] Can You Pick the “GTO” C-Bet Frequency on 10 Flops?

This poker quiz is not going to be easy.

Each of the following 10 hand scenarios starts the same way: you raise (2.5bb), your opponent in the big blind calls, and then they check on the flop.

You will then decide how frequently you should continuation bet (c-bet) given the board and your position/range.

The goal is to test and improve your understanding of how ranges interact with each other on the flop, and how that interaction impacts your c-bet strategy.

Note: Expand the section below to view the assumed preflop ranges for both you and your opponent. These ranges were used to generate solver solutions for each hand, and the correct answers are based on those solutions.

If the quiz is not displaying just above this line, try refreshing the page or using a different web browser.

Did you get the grunt, the early stage boss, or the end boss?

Let us know in the comments below.

Keep in mind: If you chose a “wrong” answer, that does not necessarily mean your play was bad. Multiple different c-bet frequencies can be good in the same spot as long as they are accompanied by the right bet size and range.

If you’ve worked on your c-bet strategy and are confident that your approach on a particular board is good, don’t let this quiz rock that confidence. BUT you should still review the answers and explanations to see what you can learn — that’s where the real value of these poker quizzes come in.

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Home > [QUIZ] Can You Pick the “GTO” C-Bet Frequency on 10 Flops?
Home > [QUIZ] Can You Pick the “GTO” C-Bet Frequency on 10 Flops?
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