Doug Polk Emergency Broadcast

Doug Polk Gets Fired Up on Emergency Podcast with Joey Ingram

Three-time WSOP bracelet winner Doug Polk and reigning “Podcast of The Year” award winner Joey Ingram reunited for an Emergency Broadcast to discuss high profile issues facing the poker playing community and the industry as a whole.

Major topics include PokerStars’ treatment of its real money players, the ongoing late-reg “soup line” cheating exploit on Americas Cardroom, and of course — the world’s highest profile MTT pro — Daniel Negreanu.

Doug put the headline PokerStars Team Pro on FULL BLAST, and called out the $36 million live poker tournament cash prize recipient for a number of comments related to a lack of security at the world’s largest poker site along with the upcoming 4th Annual American Poker Awards.

Our readers are invited to watch the February 8th program in its entirety below. Timestamps have been provided for convenient reference.

Doug Polk & Joey Ingram “Emergency” Podcast Timestamps

(0:00) Intro, Polk & Papi reunite for “Emergency Podcast”
(0:59) POLKER RANT: PokerStars’ 2015 Supernova/SNE robbery of high volume players
(3:39) PokerStars monopoly, poker ecology, PokerNews (huge affiliate/news site) is owned by PokerStars
(5:06) Doug calls out Daniel Negreanu’s recent “long-haul” Twitter comment, old-school Joe Sebok UB shout-out
(7:28) Side-saddle reference, Joey summarizes conflicts of interest: PokerStars and content creators
(11:51) “Polker Integrity” w/Doug Polk — frustrations with poker industry reality
(13:52) Nice guys finish last? Buddha, moderation, meditation and Super Bowl LII story
(15:18) Doug’s 100-day “No Drinking” Challenge – the YouTube Crypto channel
(17:08) What can Doug & Joey do to help poker community? Drawing awareness to issues affecting all players.
(19:19) Joey’s recent video on Americas Cardroom (Winning Poker Network) cheating
(22:37) Poker community’s reaction to Joey’s ACR cheating allegations, ongoing player regulation
(25:00) Doug talks about ACR’s status as a “Black Market” offshore site for US players
(26:40) What steps should online poker sites be taking to curb collusion and prohibited software?
(28:20) GFY Belarus/Ukraine/Russia accounts?
(30:22) High stakes poker discussion, Poker Central/PokerGO paywall programming
(35:46) POLKER CENTRAL (support the cause) + BANG BANG to fine print contract clauses
(36:49) Televised poker programming marketing strategy comparison — Network TV still rules
(40:07) Doug Polk pimps PokerGO monthly subscription promo code
(40:55) Papi rants about Fernando “JNandez” Habegger
(44:23) Doug gives his thoughts on recent dispute/falling out with JNandez
(45:23) #FJim arrives in live chat, Joey’s boundless energy
(46:13) Daniel Negreanu “advocacy” & “influencer” discussion begins, DNegs’ lack of ownership disclosure
(48:13) Doug on DNegs’ role in poker, 2017 #MoreRakeIsBetter pillow talk and 2016 “Amazing Things” promise
(50:03) Doug says Negreanu is “petty,” a “massive hypocrite,” and an “embarrassment”
(50:44) Doug gives his view of Daniel Negreanu double-talk, Feb 8th Tweets about “influencers”
(52:06) Papi replies to Doug’s rant about Daniel Negreanu
(53:43) 4th Annual American Poker Awards: The definition of “Influencer”
(55:22) Papi confesses to Doug, gives shout-out to GPI/GPL/APA content manager Eric Danis
(56:48) Cary Katz “influencer” discussion
(58:59) Matt Savage “influencer” discussion
(1:00:03) More on American Poker Awards
(1:02:40) The 2018 Joey Poker Awards — ACR rumored to have strong participation — “Biggest Raked Game” trophy & more
(1:05:52) Former Amaya/The Stars Group CEO David Baazov (whose criminal defense continues to be funded by TSG)
(1:07:06) Conclusion of American Poker Awards discussion
(1:10:14) Doug asks Joey to give his thoughts on vlogging, talk about poker vlogs
(1:16:50) Blockchain technology and poker
(1:23:06) Joey spams a Phil Galfond/RIO reference, gets mute-hammered then changes his tune
(1:24:14) Poker training content, Upswing Poker courses, improving poker player base
(1:32:38) Doug talks about “under-bluffing” — shares story about Dong Kim
(1:35:00) Joey teases “MTT PRO” pursuit, Doug shoots on reality of poker tournaments
(1:38:49) Industry to Polker Player: GFY — Did PokerStars ruin Doug Polk’s “poker dream?”
(1:41:00) Shout-out to Brent Hanks and other high stakes game organizers
(1:41:48) Joey’s thoughts on attracting “fun” players
(1:43:17) Update on “3 NBA Players” podcast guest prop bet for $2,000 USD
(1:44:36) Final thoughts. How can Doug & Joey “influence” the poker world for the better?
(1:47:51) Outro, upcoming content – follow Joey & Doug on social media – @JoeIngram1 and @DougPolkPoker

Doug Publishes Update on YouTube Channel

On Monday, February 12th, Doug published a follow-up video on his YouTube channel that relates to his recent podcast with Joe Ingram (watch below).

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Home > Doug Polk Gets Fired Up on Emergency Podcast with Joey Ingram
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