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April is Bonus Content Month for Upswing Members

Being stuck at home doesn’t always have to a be bad thing.

Online poker is booming at the moment, with some insanely profitable games running as you read this.

In addition to the poppin’ tables, Upswing Lab members get to make the most out of their time indoors with free bonus content throughout the month of April.

Here are the bonuses that have been and will be added to Upswing’s most popular course this month:

New Extensive Preflop Ranges for Tournaments

The first and arguably most valuable of the new content is already up, in the form of the new Advanced Tournament Ranges. This interactive viewer is essential for tournament players, featuring 82 charts for different stack depths. See which spots and stacks are covered below.

These ranges were developed by Upswing coach and tournament crusher Moritz Dietrich. They are the most extensive tournament ranges ever available in the Upswing Lab!

New Quizzes

Also added to the Lab is a new quiz to test your knowledge of game theory. This quiz is now up in the GTO with Matt Janda module, which can be found in the Beyond Core Strategy section of the Lab.

More bonus quizzes will be added to the Lab in the coming weeks, in addition to the one that comes with the new module.

Bonus Play & Explain Videos

Finally, throughout April, Lab members will get double the number of new Play & Explain videos per week.

The new content will go up in the Play & Explain section every Monday and Friday.

The first bonus P&E is already up, coming from live poker expert Mike “Piano Mike” Finstein. Finstein goes over hands from recent Live at the Bike streams in a P&E that live players will not want to miss.

Look for more quizzes, the bonus Play & Explains, and the newest module (Raising on the River) all throughout the month of April in the Upswing Lab!

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Home > April is Bonus Content Month for Upswing Members
Home > April is Bonus Content Month for Upswing Members
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