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What is a Play and Explain? | Free 15 Minute Strategy Preview

Imagine being able to sit behind an elite player like Doug Polk while he plays an online session and explains the strategy and reasoning behind his every move.

The Upswing Poker Lab offers you that opportunity with the ‘Play and Explain’ series. This collection of videos featuring Upswing’s world-class coaches playing sessions and going through their thought processes along the way.

The Play and Explain collection is an essential supplement to the theories and concepts taught in the Lab modules. You get to see Upswing’s core strategy applied by the best players in the game.

For example, in this clip from Doug’s Play and Explain session at 100NL, Doug covers such topics as playing loose from the big blind, the possibilities when deciding to check-raise the flop, picking spots to utilize overbets, and 4-bet sizing:

These concepts are explained in-depth throughout the Upswing Poker Lab modules, but finishing a study session with a Play and Explain session really drives home the concepts you learn in the Lab.

New videos are added every week, so the Play and Explain collection is always expanding.

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Your coaches for the Play and Explains include Doug Polk and Ryan Fee for online low to high stakes cash games. PokerStars 500NL Zoom specialist Fried “MYNAMEISKARL” Meulders gives his insights into beating some of the toughest games in the world. 

Mike “Piano Mike” Finstein is your coach for live cash games as he recaps and analyzes real hands from sessions at high-stakes poker rooms in Las Vegas.

Tournament crusher Parker “tonkaaaap” Talbot has about 15 videos running through his plays for multi-table tournaments. Moritz “Mo” Dietrich, another high stakes tournament specialist, is also now making videos for the series. These tournament Play and Explains are meant to be used in conjunction with the Upswing MTT learning modules. 

Overall, the Play and Explain collection features more than 100 hours of instructional content. Lab members get to see what the best poker players in the world do in real games, while explaining every move in detail.

The Play and Explains are an invaluable resource, giving members the chance to see the core principals of the Upswing Poker Lab strategy applied in real games by Upswing’s world-class coaches.

This massive and still-expanding collection of content, along with the growing library of learning modules in the Lab, gives Upswing Lab members the most comprehensive poker learning experience available.

I’m a member of the Lab myself, and I highly recommend joining if you want a relatively easy way too improve your bottom line in poker. Click here or below to learn more about the Lab.

Home > What is a Play and Explain? | Free 15 Minute Strategy Preview
Home > What is a Play and Explain? | Free 15 Minute Strategy Preview
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