Bellagio poker room

Bellagio Poker Room Review: Is It Worth Your Rake?

The Bellagio poker room is one of the largest and most luxurious in Las Vegas. Its history, game options, and the availability of high stakes make the Bellagio one of the most famous poker rooms in the world.


Located near the sports book, the Bellagio poker room is one of the most renowned poker venues in the world. Home to the World Poker Tour (WPT), the Bellagio also features Bobby’s Room, named for 1978 WSOP champion and CityCenter’s President and CEO Bobby Baldwin. Bobby’s Room is a gorgeous private area that attracts players who enjoy the highest limit poker action on the planet. With a $20,000 minimum buy-in, this round-the-clock room has just two tables surrounded by four LCD televisions and a DMX overhead sound system.

Middle-limit tables have their own slightly elevated separate area set away from the main floor. This area is spacious, and has its own player check-in podium.

Bellagio poker room

Bellagio poker room cash games

While the Bellagio poker room offers several live cash games with many limits, it is well-known for its high stakes action.

Cash games that are usually available include:

  • $1/$3 n0-limit Hold’Em
  • $4/$8 no-limit Hold’Em
  • $20/$40 Seven Card Stud Hi
  • $30/$60 Omaha 8 or Better
  • $40/$80 mixed games
  • Limit Hold’Em is also available at low, mid, and high limits
  • High-stakes $1,500/$3,000 mixed games

Players looking for Pot-Limit Omaha, however, will find more games at the Aria.

Like many other Vegas poker venues, the Bellagio poker room uses the Bravo poker room management system so that players can check which games are running, wait lists, tournament schedules and specifics, and player comps. Wait times can be above average, especially on the weekend, so it’s recommended to call ahead to be placed on the list for the games you want to play.

As for the rake, Bellagio poker room cash games are comparable to most other rooms at the lower levels with a maximum of $4. At $5/$10 and above, the rake timed with a maximum of $10 per half-hour. Additionally, along with Aria, Venetian, and Wynn, the Bellagio has no jackpot drop in cash games. 

For players with an MGM Resorts International M-Life card, the Bellagio comps at $2 per hour. These comps can be used for food at any of the resort’s restaurants or for 24-hour tableside delivery. Special room rates for players who spend at least five hours per day are available, and those who rack up 75 hours of cash game play in a year receive free parking.


While we’re on the subject of parking, because the Bellagio is an MGM Resorts property, parking fees apply—even for hotel guests. Parking on the Strip has become controversial, especially among locals. At the Bellagio and other MGM properties, Pearl, Gold, Platinum, and NOIR M-Life rewards members receive free self-parking while Gold, Platinum, and NOIR members can take advantage of complimentary valet.

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Daily poker tournaments

Due to its busy cash action, the Bellagio poker room offers just one daily no-limit Hold’Em (NLHE) tournament at 2:00 p.m. The structure is fairly standard: $100 + $25 buy-in, 10,000 starting stack, and 30-minute levels.

However, be aware that the Bellagio poker room suspends regular tournament play during the annual WPT Five Diamond World Poker Classic, which typically runs from the last week in November until the second week in December.

The Bellagio also hosts the annual Bellagio Cup Tournament. Held the week after the WSOP events conclude in July, this high-stakes two-day WPT event is intended to attract players who are already in town for the WSOP. The Bellagio Cup 2017 hosted a field of 271 in its $10,000 + $400 tournament and paid out over $2 million in prizes. Patrick Leonard took top honors, winning nearly $476,000.

Bellagio poker room

Bellagio poker room comfort

The Bellagio poker room boasts comfortable and adjustable swivel chairs, dark wood and leather dĂ©cor, chandeliers, wall art, and dozens of LCD televisions. The tables are well-lit and the climate is very comfortable. Restrooms are nearby. Overall, this is one of the top poker rooms in town.

There are some drawbacks, however. One is that instead of being fully separate and smoke-free, a half-wall is all that separates the Bellagio poker room from the rest of the casino. So, you can expect moderate walk-by traffic and wafting smoke from rail viewers and those waiting in line for the buffet which is just around the corner.

The main poker room can also feel a bit cramped during busy hours, with players milling around between hands. Some reviewers have complained about the room’s layout. In 2014, the Bellagio poker room received a makeover to provide more space between tables, but this continues to be an issue for some players.

Bellagio poker room staff

This is, perhaps, where the Bellagio poker room falls just short of being the all-around best poker room in Vegas. Many players have complained that the attendants and floor persons are uppity and have a tendency to be rude as the room gets busy, almost as if the poker room staff feels they are doing the players a favor by finding them seats. Others have only high praise for the staff. This suggests that the problem is situational or simply a matter of perspective and expectations.

The Bellagio does have some of the best poker dealers Las Vegas has to offer: quick, accurate, professional, and friendly. Generally the Bellagio’s poker dealers receive high marks across the board. With the volume and variety of games being dealt, such expertise is needed and appreciated.

Nevertheless, some reviews ding the Bellagio for dealer mistakes, such as premature burn-and-turns and failing to announce raises. Another complaint is that some dealers have been rude, especially at lower-limit tables. Finally, some players have commented that tipping feels more like a requirement than optional compensation for a job well done.

Finally, some note that cocktail and food servers can be a bit slow, and the drinks themselves are somewhat small and oftentimes weak. The poker room’s tableside food, on the other hand, is delicious regardless of from where it was ordered.

The verdict

There is little debate that the Bellagio poker room is one of the best in Las Vegas. Its luxurious atmosphere, game selection, and action make it a go-to poker room for tourists and locals alike. 

Where does the Bellagio poker room rank on your list of Las Vegas poker rooms? Let us know!

Until next time.

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Home > Bellagio Poker Room Review: Is It Worth Your Rake?
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