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YouTube Poker Spotlight 2017

High profile personalities explore mainstream distribution potential. Channel views, approval ratings & subscriber-based stats. EIGHT MONTHS AGO, YouTube Poker was a secondary platform used by a handful of personalities, editors and media outlets to share their material with a niche group of mostly community insiders. Led by Joey Ingram and his award-winning Poker Life Podcast, YouTube showed promise, yet remained a relatively unused means for poker-playing casters to archive content when they weren’t otherwise occupied with Twitch streaming. EIGHT MONTHS LATER, YouTube has established itself as a leading platform for poker content distribution. A number of big-name poker players in 2017 have made their mark on the world’s second-largest search engine in an effort to increase awareness of their own brands while spreading the game we love to a previously untapped viewing market. This article showcases the top YouTube Poker channels in 2017, with accompanying stats and commentary that highlight each personality’s commitment to creating quality content for serious and recreational fans alike.

YouTube Poker Stats (Explanation)

On March 17th, March 27th and April 12th of this year, the five most recently uploaded videos for the largest YouTube Poker channels were analyzed. Views, Likes, and Dislikes for each segment were manually recorded (using the publicly available info displayed below each clip) to gauge the overall popularity and growth potential of YouTube as a mainstream marketing tool for poker. This data is included within each player’s profile below.


Upswing Poker featured pro Doug Polk is credited by many in the industry as having sparked widespread interest in YouTube Poker since shifting his focus from Twitch live streaming. Known for a wide variety of poker strategy, live-play, coaching, news and entertainment videos, Doug currently owns the largest poker-player channel on YouTube with close to 95,000 subscribers. Originally from California, the 28-year old Twitch Poker record holder is recognized by many of his high stakes peers as the number one heads-up No Limit Hold’em specialist in the world — with victories over fellow real money legend Ben Sulsky and the Claudico Poker Bot designed by Carnegie-Mellon University professor Tuomas Sandholm in 2015.

Team NeverLucky

Parker Talbot has brought Virtual Reality Poker to YouTube fans across the globe with a series of entertaining videos introducing all-new ways to interact with Internet opponents. * March 27th stats not included due to other commitments the sponsored 888 Poker pro had during that time. A native Canadian in his mid-20s, Talbot runs one of the fastest-growing YouTube Poker channels featuring multiple online tournament conquests that have generated a high level of interest among poker enthusiasts. TeamNeverLucky is a great option for those wishing to get a glimpse into what first-gen VR Poker has to offer the world, or tag along for a real money tournament run.

Andrew Neeme

The quintessential poker vlogger Andrew Neeme has legitimately taken YouTube by storm in 2017 with modern-day trip reports that engage viewers who thirst for insight into the live poker rounders scene. Andrew’s videos are among the most liked on YouTube Poker, routinely topping 98% approval — prompting insiders to do a double-take at how far the former Vegas Grinders podcast host has come since embarking on his YouTube journey.

Daniel Negreanu

The world’s all-time live poker tournament cash leader Daniel Negreanu is 42 years old… and still manages to bring lively insight to fans who have flocked to his YouTube Poker channel since its February 1st relaunch. The Team PokerStars Headline Pro has been the standard-bearer for Amaya’s controversial flagship brand since its notorious decision to remove promised cashback rewards for its highest volume patrons. However, that hasn’t stopped “Kid Poker” from mixing it up and gaining momentum through his YouTube content; much of which has shifted to hand reviews, trip reports and old-school storytelling as the poker ambassador adjusts from his former role as a rebel personality to a two-decade veteran of the game.


Joey Ingram has become a leading outlet for players and media through his Poker Life Podcast episodes which boast candid, informative current events segments on the hottest topics as seen through the eyes of his guests. Joey’s shows provide a time capsule glimpse into the happenings of the poker industry at any given moment — which has resulted in an unprecedented level of player-based communication in recent years.

YouTube Poker Subscriber Numbers

The following chart reflects the number of subscribers the biggest YouTube Poker channels had on the publication date of this article. Our readers can refer directly to each player’s “About” page for updated figures. Author’s Note: Can’t wait for the launch of Upswing Poker’s Tournament Master Class? Click Here or below for our free video series and improve your skills ahead of the 2017 WSOP.

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