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Poker Life Podcast: Dan “Jungleman” Cates

Today on the Poker Life Podcast, Joe Ingram sits down with online poker legend Daniel “Jungleman12” Cates.


Dan Cates began playing poker at the age of 17 as a self proclaimed big loser, even having to take a job at McDonald’s to pad his bankroll.

That didn’t last long however, and within a few years Dan dropped out of the University of Maryland to pursue poker full time.

Dan is considered one of the world’s best heads up no limit players, having started at 50NL and employing a unique “reverse game selection” strategy, taking on the best players at each stake before moving up.

dan cates podcast poker jungleman

This strategy helped him reach 100x the stakes within 2 years, eventually taking up the Durrrr Challenge issued to the poker world by Tom Dwan. The challenge began in 2010 and has yet to reach the half way mark, with Dan up over a million dollars.

Today on the Poker Life Podcast

  • Recent Online Games
  • 5 Card PLO
  • Heads Up Games
  • Tournament Players
  • The Manila SHUFFLE
  • The Durrrr Challenge
  • Global Poker League
  • Battles vs Matt Kirk
  • New Game Formats and Dynamics
  • SCOOP 2016 grind
  • Thoughts on OtB_RedBaron
  • Jungleman Getting in the Twitch Streets
  • Friendship with Haseeb
  • Viewer Questions

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Home > Poker Life Podcast: Dan “Jungleman” Cates
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