Poker Life Podcast: Ben “Sauce123” Sulsky

Today Joe Ingram is joined on the Poker Life Podcast by Ben “Sauce123” Sulsky is another one of the most legendary online poker players of all time.


Ben started playing poker by playing on sites that would give small free cash bonuses just for signing up. He turned a small bonus into $3,000 at its peak, before losing $1,200 and cashing it all out.

Ben was very young and took the next two years off. He would occasionally drive four hours to go to his local casino and play $1/$2 during this time.

Eventually Ben had some friends that were playing online and decided he wanted to get back in on the action. He gave one of them $1,000 and they transferred him money on a poker site.

He played $.1/$.25 and lost it. Not deterred, he gave his friend another $1,000 and tried again. This time it stuck and it was the foundation for the multimillion dollar bankroll he has grown today.

Ben has played countless matches and hundreds of thousands of hands of nosebleed poker at stakes ranging all the way up to $100,000 buy-in $500/$1,000 blinds. His is probably most known for his marathon sessions heads up against the legendary Swedish player Isildur1, having million dollar swings; both up and down!

Ben is notorious for being a pioneer of poker strategy. His play is heavily oriented in a theoretically correct style. What that means is Ben spends a lot of time away from the table thinking about various types of situations that occur in poker and what the right play is. Using Game Theory, Math, and logic Sauce has been able to create an edge for himself in the toughest games for almost a decade.

You can find Ben playing the biggest games on Pokerstars under the screen name Sauce123.

On Today’s Poker Life Podcast:

  • Treadmill Desks
  • PLO bot rings
  • Getting Married
  • Living in Canada
  • Playing High Stakes Cash games in Las Vegas
  • Poker decision making
  • Playing online while there was a fire in his aunt’s house
  • Selling action to a 500k Super High Roller Bowl
  • His $100,000 Heads Up Challenge with Doug Polk
  • Online career and evolution of the online game
  • Making Training Videos
  • Looking for things outside poker
  • Unwinding from winning $1,000,000 in a single online session
  • Woman in Poker
  • Fan writes a poem
  • Viewer Q&A
  • Staking
  • Online Poker Hall of Fame
  • And Much More!

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Home > Poker Life Podcast: Ben “Sauce123” Sulsky
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