Poker Life Podcast: Isaac Haxton

On Today’s podcast Joey Interviews Ike “Hollywood Haxton” Haxton.


Ike started playing games in adolescents playing chess, transitioning to Magic: The Gathering as a teenager. At 18 he deposited $50 online and started playing limit hold’em.

That fall he attended Brown University and continued to focus on poker, quickly moving up through the limits. In 2007 Ike hit his first big score at the Pokerstars Caribbean Adventure. He finished in second place in the $8,000 Main event for $861,789!


Ike is renown for his GTO or Game Theory Optimal approach to the game. His approach to the game is heavily rooted in math and logic, something that has kept him at the forefront of poker strategy for almost a decade.

Ike’s most impressive achievement is probably his success in cash games. Often times player’s come and go, but Ike has been on top since he broke on to the scene back in 2007. In my opinion Ike is one of the greatest cash game players of alltime. He was and still is a top ranked heads up player for many years, excelling not just in Hold’em but recently in Omaha as well.

To date he has over $11,000,000 In live cashes and is a fixture in the high stakes poker scene. He was sponsored by Team Pokerstars, but recently left due to changes within the company.



On the podcast today:

  • Ike’s resignation from Team Pokerstars
  • Pokerstars Changes
  • The Brian Hastings NoelHayes Scandal
  • Burning Man
  • High stakes live games (casual 3 bottles of wine deep with six figures on the table)
  • High Stakes Pot limit omaha online
  • Living in Malta
  • The married life of a poker player that’s always on the move
  • His Move to Vancouver
  • The Dream Machine
  • The Hottest Girls in Poker
  • The Hottest Guys in Poker
  • The Global Poker League
  • Opportunity cost of having a life while being a profitable poker player
  • Phil Ivey’s High Stakes Trolling
  • And Much more!

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