Poker Hands with Doug Polk – High Level Analysis of Famous Hands

Poker Hands with Doug Polk is your chance to hear in-depth, high level analysis of the most famous and interesting hands in televised poker history. Doug shares his thoughts on crucial pots played during the World Series of Poker, European Poker Tour, High Stakes Poker and many more.

A new episode of Poker Hands is released every Monday (and sometimes Thursday) on Doug’s YouTube channel. If you’re looking for an advanced strategy segment that covers hands played by the world’s most famous poker players, this is the show for you.

(If you’re wondering exactly how a top pro like Doug analyzes poker hands, read this article.)

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Below are the first 30 episodes of Poker Hands with Doug Polk. Enjoy!

In February 2017, Doug was sent a letter from the Game Show Network asking him to stop using High Stakes Poker footage. Doug believes these videos fall under fair use and he will be taking the issue to court to find out if he’s right, but for now the videos have been removed. Check out this video for more explanation.

Poker Hands Episode 28 – Phil Ivey AGONIZES Over This River Call (High Stakes Poker Tournament)

It’s the APPT Aussie Millions, and Doug Polk faces off against the ten time bracelet winner, Phil Ivey.

Doug Polk candidly reviews his own play for us, and he also has a few thoughts on Ivey’s play.

Poker Hands Episode 27 – Tom Dwan Is STUNNED By Antonius, Stumped On The River For A Huge Poker Pot

This episode checks out a cash game from High Stakes Poker between Tom ‘’Durrrr’ Dwan and Patrik Antonius.

Tom Dwan takes a strange line with Ace-Jack, and Doug Polk follows it street by street to its unlikely end.

Poker Hands Episode 26 – Sick Poker Bluff! ALL IN With $10,000,000 On The Line

It’s the 2014 WSOP November Nine and Mark Newhouse is on it for the second time in a row. Now he has tens on a paired board, will it be enough to bluff William Tonking off of Queens?

Doug Polk goes through the hand, analyzing each of their plays as Newhouse makes poker history.

Poker Hands Episode 25 – Scott Seiver DUMBFOUNDED By Aces (One Drop $1,000,000 Buy In)


This episode takes a look at one of the toughest hands played in the WSOP Big One For One Drop with a $1,000,000 buy in. EPT High Roller winner Tobias Reinkemeier has a decision to make as he faces a dangerous board and bracelet winner Scott Seiver’s All-In.

Doug Polk follows the action from preflop onward as Reinkemeier makes his infamous decision.

Poker Hands Episode 24 – Would You Call With BOTTOM PAIR? (2016 WSOP Main Event)


We return to the 2016 WSOP Main Event where Gordon Vayo has a decision to make against Qui Nguyen in their Final Table heads up match. Should he take this chance to hero call or should he turn his hand into a bluff?

While Doug Polk disagrees with Antonio Esfandiari’s analysis, they both agree he should bluff in that spot. But what decision will Vayo decide to make?

Poker Hands Episode 23 – Daniel Negreanu Calls Down With NO PAIR In The $1,000,000 Big One For One Drop!


Daniel ‘KidPoker’ Negreanu makes a very questionable play, calling with King high against Dan ‘Mr. Gr33n’ Colman’s full house in the the Big One for One Drop. Did he somehow misread his hand or have his legendary hand reading skills failed him?

Doug Polk goes street by street to try and get to the bottom of one of the worst calls in modern WSOP final table history.

Poker Hands Episode 22 – Can Cliff Josephy FOLD A Set? (2016 WSOP Main Event Final Table)


It’s down to three players in the 2016 WSOP Main Event final table, as Cliff “JohnnyBax” Josephy faces a shove from Gordon Vayo for his tournament life.

A merciless flop gives both of them a set, Vayo’s just stronger than Josephy’s. It’s a tough spot on the biggest stage, and Doug takes a look at each decision.

Poker Hands Episode 21 – Poker Hands – Gordon Vayo Gets PUNKED By Qui Nguyen In The 2016 WSOP Main Event


Gordon Vayo faces an all-in bluff by Qui Nguyen in one of the final hands of the 2016 WSOP Main Event. The championship is Vayo’s for the taking, if only he could get over his fears and call.

Doug Polk uses this hand to illustrate how the fear of busting out can make you miss your chance of tournament glory.

Poker Hands Episode 20 – Poker Hands – James Obst Folds a FLUSH in the 2016 WSOP Main Event 

james obst poker hands with doug polk qui nguyenCLICK HERE TO WATCH ON YOUTUBE

Another episode of Poker Hands, another huge fold from Australian poker pro James Obst. He rivers a flush but faces a big all-in bet from eventual 2016 WSOP Main Event champ Qui Nguyen in this hand deep in the tournament.

Doug is quite critical of both players in this hand, particularly Obst’s river decision which has to be seen to be believed.

Poker Hands Episode 19 – Slow Playing the Stone Cold NUTS?

rounders poker handsCLICK HERE TO WATCH ON YOUTUBE

Mike McDermott flops the nut straight and check, check, checks it to Teddy KGB in the third and final Rounders themed episode of Poker Hands. The stakes are life or death for Matt Damon’s character, so he better hope his trap works.

The hand may be fictional, but Doug’s analysis is real and useful as usual.

Poker Hands Episode 18 – Can Will Kassouf Talk His Way Out Of THIS One?

will kassouf poker hands vs jason lesCLICK HERE TO WATCH ON YOUTUBE

Poker Hands revisits the 2016 WSOP Main Event and Will Kassouf, who’s “speech play” has been the buzz of the poker world as of late. In this hand he battles Blind Vs Blind against online heads up juggernaut Jason “Cheet” Les deep in the tournament.

Doug takes an in-depth look at both players’ decisions throughout the hand. He makes a point of saying he is not going to comment on Will’s speech play and will just focus on the action. If you’d like to hear Doug’s thoughts on Will Kassouf and his “speech play” check out this video on his YouTube channel.

Poker Hands Episode 17 – Dan Colman CAN’T FOLD… Or Can He?

poker hands dan colman main eventCLICK HERE TO WATCH ON YOUTUBE

We’re back at the 2016 WSOP Main Event, with none other than the Big One For One Drop winner Dan Colman. His opponent in the hand, Fernando Ponz, is an amateur player who won a satellite into the event.

Ponz puts Colman in a tough spot deep in the tournament for the last of his chips. Doug analyzes both players’ decisions on every street in this crucial pot.

Poker Hands Episode 16 – Mike McDermott Lays Down A MONSTER?!

rounders poker hands teddy kgb oreoCLICK HERE TO WATCH ON YOUTUBE

In the second Rounders themed edition of Poker Hands, Mike McDermott lays down top two pair on the flop against Teddy KGB thanks to the power of Oreo’s.

Doug breaks down the action and steps into the shows of each player. There’s quite a lot of crazy play to sort through on this one.

Poker Hands Episode 15 – Folding a FULL HOUSE in the 2016 WSOP Main Event?!

james obst nit fold poker handsCLICK HERE TO WATCH ON YOUTUBE

Doug analyzes a 2016 WSOP Main Event hand that first aired on TV under a week ago. James Obst flops a set and rivers a full house with his pocket Sevens, but his opponent Michael Ruane is waiting on the Button with a turned straight flush.

Can Obst make an absolutely insane fold, saving his Main Event stack? Doug Polk breaks down each street of action in one of the most requested hands by viewers yet.

Poker Hands Episode 14 – Daniel Negreanu Stunned By INSANE Bet From Doug Polk

daniel negreanu poker handsCLICK HERE TO WATCH ON YOUTUBE

Daniel Negreanu goes up against Doug Polk himself in this hand from the 2014 WSOP One Drop. Doug’s pocket Nines are in rough shape preflop against Negreanu’s Queens, and a low flop spells trouble for Doug’s stack.

In this hand, Doug Polk makes a highly unorthodox play, betting a tiny amount on the turn. Daniel Negreanu must decide what to do with his Queens, which haven’t improved, but may very well be the best hand. Doug analyzes the decisions made by both himself and Daniel and explains the reasoning behind his quirky play.

Poker Hands Episode 13 – Teddy KGB Takes A Ludicrous Line 

rounders poker hands episode 3CLICK HERE TO WATCH ON YOUTUBE

Doug analyzes his most famous hand to date in this special Rounders themed edition of Poker Hands. Teddy KGB slow plays his pocket Aces preflop against law student and part time poker player Mike McDermot and gets an incredibly favorable run out against Mike’s Ace-Nine.

As always, Doug offers his unique perspective on how he would advocate playing this hand, scripted or not!  Stay tuned for more special editions of Poker Hands featuring Matt Damon and John Malkovich’s famous portrayals.

preflop charts

Poker Hands Episode 12 – Greg Merson’s Bold Play at the WSOP Main Event

greg merson poker hands wsopCLICK HERE TO WATCH ON YOUTUBE

It goes bluff vs bluff in one of the hands that propelled Greg Merson to his 2012 WSOP Main Event victory. His missed draw goes up against Jake Balsinger’s slightly higher missed draw.

Greg Merson won with a ballsy raise that the star studded crowd loved! Doug however, wasn’t as much of a fan.

Poker Hands Episode 11- Dan Colman Can’t Believe Negreanu’s Hand

dan colman negreanu poker hands with doug polkCLICK HERE TO WATCH ON YOUTUBE

We look back on the 2014 $1,000,000 buy-in One Drop Final Table as Dan Colman and Daniel Negreanu, who eventually get heads up for the title, battle in this key hand.

Doug makes sense where Dan Colman could not, evaluating Daniel Negreanu’s turn bluff turned rivered straight. He comes out critical of Negreanu’s play and as always explains each mistake from preflop to showdown.

Poker Hands Episode 10 – Fedor Holz Makes Moves In The Main Event

fedor holz poker handsCLICK HERE TO WATCH ON YOUTUBE

Fedor Holz faces Upeshka De Silva deep in the 2015 WSOP Main Event. Fedor calls a 3-bet and flops bottom pair, which he turns into a bluff after a scary board runout for De Silva’s top pair top kicker. Both players perform very well, with Fedor living up to his impressive reputation.


Poker Hands Episode 7 – Would You Bluff Patrik Antonius Here?

patrik antonius doug polk poker hands grimaceCLICK HERE TO WATCH ON YOUTUBE

Doug looks back at the Aussie Millions Cash Game by explaining his process in a massive hand he played against Patrik Antonius. He survives a stare down by Antonius and Phil Ivey but his flopped two pair proved to be less resilient when it gets counterfeited on the turn

Doug also stresses the importance of believing in your A-Game, regardless on who is staring you down.

Poker Hands Episode 6 – Could You Fold This Set Against Daniel Negreanu?

daniel negreanu vs alec torelli ept poker hands with doug polk


Daniel Negreanu and Alec Torelli face off in a bizarre EPT hand. After a series of questionable decisions, Negreanu’s finds himself accidentally bluffing with top two pair on the river against Torelli’s flopped set of fives..

Doug uses this as a teachable moment, giving a lesson on bad reads on massive hands with good odds.

Poker Hands Episode 1: Ms. Finland vs Ronnie Bardah

shark cage poker hand sara chafak ronnie bardah


Doug Polk takes a look at a big bluff attempt by Finnish beauty queen Sara Chafak against poker pro Ronnie Bardah. Doug analyzes both her decision making as a recreational player, and his decision making as a pro facing a rec. Doug ends the episode with respect for Ms Finland for the ‘’gusto’’ she displayed in the hand.

preflop charts

If you’re wondering how a top pro like Doug analyzes hands, check out How the Top Pros Analyze Poker Hands in 2017

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