How to Play Middle Set on A♦ 8♠️ 6♠️ K♠️ for $15,747 (PLO Analysis)

Home > How to Play Middle Set on A♦ 8♠️ 6♠️ K♠️ for $15,747 (PLO Analysis)

How to Play Middle Set on A♦ 8♠️ 6♠️ K♠️ for $15,747 (PLO Analysis)

How to Play Middle Set on A♦ 8♠️ 6♠️ K♠️ for $15,747 (PLO Analysis)

Home > How to Play Middle Set on A♦ 8♠️ 6♠️ K♠️ for $15,747 (PLO Analysis)

$25/$50 Pot Limit Omaha is a BIG game.

But it's even bigger when you're up against a very tough, intelligent, and aggressive opponent, which sets the stage for today's hand analysis.

First, an announcement.

Your New Upswing Poker PLO Coaches
Chris Wehner & Dylan Weisman

chris wehner

Chris Wehner in a high stakes cash game

Chris Wehner is a high stakes Pot Limit Omaha professional who methodically grinded his way from the very bottom, $0.01/$0.02, to become a crusher at $25/$50. Over the last decade, Chris has studied poker "more or less every day" which has translated to an incredibly in-depth knowledge of PLO. As Chris likes to say, and as I've come to believe since I've started watching his PLO videos, "he has the answers."

dylan weisman

Dylan Weisman in the 25k PLO High Roller at the WSOP

Dylan Weisman has been playing poker professionally in some capacity since he was 16, when he started playing online to help support his family with his earnings. After taking a quasi-sabbatical from poker to focus on college and then a job in analytics and business intelligence, Dylan returned to the full-time grind in 2018. In the past 18 months, Dylan has grinded from $2/$4 to $10/$20 online, and he's played in the largest live PLO cash games in Las Vegas.

Chris and Dylan have combined forces to create the Advanced PLO Mastery course, coming to Upswing Poker in early 2020.

Without further ado, onto the hand.


The game is $25/$50 heads-up Pot Limit Omaha.

Chris raises to $150 on the button with 9♣ 9♠ 8♣ 8 and mjparry calls in the big blind.


The flop falls A 8♠ 6♠ and mjparry checks. Chris bets $200 into $300 and mjparry calls.


The turn is the (A 8♠ 6♠) K♠ and mjparry checks again. Chris fires a pot-sized bet of $700 and mjparry check-raises to $2,275. With around $22k behind, Chris makes the call.


The river 7♠ completes a board of A 8♠ 6♠ K♠ 7♠. mjparry mashes the pot button, betting $5,250. Chris calls.


mjparry shows A♠ Q♣ 6 4 and Chris scoops the $15.7k pot.

Final Thoughts

There's a lot to learn from this hand and Chris' in-depth analysis. If you want to make sure you absorbed it all, re-read this article or re-watch the video.

Keep an eye out for more PLO content from Chris and Dylan as we approach the launch of their Advanced PLO Mastery course in early 2020.

(If you're already an Upswing PLO member, check the private PLO Facebook group for some exclusive content from Dylan and Chris.)

Any questions? Drop a comment below and one of the guys will get back to you with an answer.

If you want to learn more, check out Dylan's video/article 5 Preflop Mistakes You Are Probably Making in Pot Limit Omaha.

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