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PLO Lab Sneak Peek – Cutting Edge Pot Limit Omaha Strategy

There has never been a better time to expand your Pot Limit Omaha skill set with the release of the PLO Lab training course.

The cutting edge strategies in this course were discovered by PLO expert Fernando “JNandez87” Habegger while working with MonkerSolver — the most powerful PLO software on the market.

The course is updated several times per month with new modules and Play and Explains videos. Whether you are a beginner or a grizzled PLO veteran this course contains the tools necessary to make you a winning player. Members of the PLO Lab will also have access to the private PLO Lab Facebook group.

Here’s a walkthrough of the course from JNandez:

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PLO Lab Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How much does the course cost?

The PLO Lab has three pricing options with varying lengths:

  • Monthly Plan: $99 per month ($199 first month only)
  • Semi-Annual Plan: $499 for six months (saves $290 per year)
  • Annual Plan: $799 for a full year (saves $489 per year)

Q. What does the PLO Lab include?

Currently, the PLO Lab consists of 3 main sections:

  1. PLO Bootcamp (6 hours) – Everything you need to know to start winning at PLO. The PLO Bootcamp contains 13 theory videos, 6 Play & Explains, and pre-flop charts for every position and situation.
  2. Advanced Lab Strategies (6-8 hours) – For players who have completed the Bootcamp, or are already familiar with PLO. This section contains in-depth strategy covering a number of situations.
  3. Play & Explains (2 hours) – This section contains two additional Play & Explain videos with more coming soon.

Q. Is the PLO Lab appropriate for players new to PLO?

The PLO Lab is perfect for players looking to dive into the Great Game of PLO. The PLO Bootcamp is designed with new players in mind and has all the resources you will need to be ready to sit down and have an edge in your first session of PLO.

Closer Look at The PLO Lab

Let’s get into the content of each section of the PLO Lab:

PLO Bootcamp

This section covers everything you will need to know to get you ready to be a winning PLO player from day one. It covers pre- and post-flop ranges with examples and explanations of the different hands that you should be playing in different situations.


  1. Pre-flop Categories (15:43)
  2. RFI UTG (34:21)
  3. RFI MP (14:08)
  4. RFI CO and BTN (14:33)
  5. 3-Betting IP (35:43)
  6. 3-Bet Resteal Pre-flop (23:32)
  7. Coldcalling IP (15:55)
  8. Defending the Big Blind (10:24)

This section also contains a downloadable pre-flop hands chart in the form of a spreadsheet:


  1. Single Raised Pots (16:01)
  2. Single Raised Pots Examples (34:58)
  3. 3-Bet Pots Postflop (17:26)
  4. 3-Bet Pots Examples Part 1 (21:27)
  5. 3-Bet Pots Examples Part 2 (33:42)

Play & Explains (PLO Bootcamp)

The PLO Bootcamp Play & Explains demonstrate how JNandez adjusts his strategy to crush his opponents, no matter what player pool he’s up against.

  1. PLO 50 4 Tabling (33:09)
  2. PLO 50 (32:47)
  3. PLO 100 (33:24)
  4. PLO 200 (36:14)
  5. PLO 500 Soft Pool (32:47)
  6. PLO 500 (36:14)

Advanced Lab Strategies

In the Advanced Lab you will be presented with new learning methods and go deep into the heart of how to approach PLO at the highest level.

  1. Introduction (11:09)
  2. General Concepts (7:14)
  3. AT6 Rainbow – Strategy Overview (25:59)
  4. AT6 Rainbow – Browsing in MonkerSolver (14:25)
  5. QT5 Two Toned – Strategy Overview (21:11)
  6. QT5 Two Toned – Turn Shifts (26:08)
  7. QT5 Two Toned – Browser Session (31:57)
  8. J75 Rainbow (22:41)
  9. 764 Two Toned – how to Exploit Players based on Solvers (9:54)
  10. 764 Two Toned – Strategy Overview (20:08)
  11. 764 Two Toned – Turn Transitions (24:19)
  12. KQ7 Two Toned Browser Session with FILIP (15:02)
  13. 335 Rainbow Browser Session with FILIP (15:48)

Play & Explains

These videos give you a chance to see how JNandez applies all the concepts from the previous sections:

  1. High Stakes PLO Hustle (55:40)
  2. PLO 500 (40:02)

These play and explain videos are a popular and effective way to improve your PLO skills. Listening to the thought process JNandez goes through in different situations is a great way to study and improve your own strategy.

Coming soon:

Live Poker (December 2017)

Heads-Up PLO

Software & Tools

The future of PLO is now. Don’t get left behind.

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plo lab pot limit omaha walkthrough


Home > PLO Lab Sneak Peek – Cutting Edge Pot Limit Omaha Strategy
Home > PLO Lab Sneak Peek – Cutting Edge Pot Limit Omaha Strategy
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