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Nick Petrangelo Wins WPT Six-Max Championship for $494,500

999 players entered the $3,200 buy-in WPT Six-Max Championship, but when the dust settled only one remained.

Upswing coach Nick Petrangelo outlasted everyone in the massive World Poker Tour event, taking down the grand prize of $494,500. The event was played on and reached a massive $3,000,000 prize pool.

After ending day 1B with a sizable chip stack, Petrangelo fought his way through 142 players on day 2 to secure a final table appearance. Some notable day 2 eliminations included Jason Koon (86th – $8,100), Matthew Staples (44th – $9,600), David Peters (39th – $11,100) and Adrian Mateos (32nd – $13,200).

The Final Table

Coming into the final table (which was streamed live on Twitch), Petrangelo had a decent stack of 31 big blinds and was sitting in 4th position of the 7 remaining players.

The final table stacks (in big blinds) before the first hand was dealt. (Screenshot from partypokerTV’s Twitch stream.)

After Jake Schindler busted out in 7th ($70,200) and Elior Sion exited in 6th ($93,630), Jiachen Gong picked up pocket aces and got them in way ahead of Petrangelo’s jack-ten.

Jiachen had been running hot ever since entering the final table with just four big blinds, so he seemed to be in prime position to make a run for gold! Unfortunately for Gong, his luck had run out for the day, and Petrangelo flopped trip jacks to eliminate the Canadian pro in 5th place ($128,100).

Petrangelo bided his time for a while, watching the elimination first of Patrice Brandt (4th for $192,900) and finally Russia’s Arsenii Karmatchii, who lost with ace-king vs jacks to Belarus’ Artsiom Prostak and finished 3rd for a cool $278,448.

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Heads-Up for the Title

Heads up play was a battle for Petrangelo, who had only 37 big blinds to combat the massive 105 big blind stack of Artsiom Prostak.

The battle lasted almost 3 hours and had some highlight reel moments, including a ten-high all-in bluff from Nick that forced Prostak off his flush.

WSOT Summer 2024

Key Bluff with Ten-High

Nick Petrangelo raised to 2 million preflop with T♠ 7♣, and Artsiom Prostak defended in the big blind with Q J.

The flop came K 5 3, Nick c-bet 1 million and Artsiom called.

Prostak made a flush on the 7 turn and led for 1.8 million. Petrangelo then came over the top with a raise to 5.5 million.

Prostak called and the river was the Q♣. Action checked to Petrangelo who shoved for 17.7 million. Prostak tank-folded, allowing Petrangelo to chip up quite a bit with a gutsy bluff.

The tournament finished shortly after Petrangelo flipped the tables and took the chip lead.

The Final Hand

Artsiom Prostak raised preflop to 2.8 million with A♣ Q♠, and Nick Petrangelo defended in the Big Blind with K♣ T♣.

The flop came T 2♠ T♠. Artsiom c-bet 1.4 million, and Nick check-raised to 4 million. Prostak called the small flop raise.

The turn brought the 5♠, giving Prostak the flush draw. Nick continued with an 8.3 million bet, and Prostak made the call.

The river brought disaster with Prostak, giving him top pair with the A. Nick shoved with trip tens and Prostak had no choice but to call off his stack with top two.

Artsiom Prostak finished with the runner up prize of $368,250, while Nick Petrangelo won $494,550 for first, plus a seat in the WPT Tournament of Champions, A Hublot Watch, and Everyday Baccarat Tumblers. On top of all that, Nick will also get his name etched into the Mike Sexton WPT Champions Cup.

Following the event, WPT host Tony Dunst (@TonyDunstTV) called Petrangelo’s final table dominance “one of the best final table performances I’ve ever seen.” Here’s that comment and Nick’s (amazing) breakdown of the final hand:

Years of study and play have certainly resulted in massive success for the 33 year old American pro, who adds to his millions of dollars in tournament cashes with yet another sweet six-figure score. With over $1,300,000 in lifetime WPT cashes, and over $23,000,000 in live earnings, Petrangelo certainly ranks among the WPT greats.

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