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Muckleshoot Poker Room Review (Washington)

Muckleshoot Poker Room, located in Auburn, Washington, is a decent option for poker players in the greater Portland area. Muckleshoot features 19 tables for players 21+. The room offers a variety of cash games in addition to a regular poker tournament schedule.

The room’s main competition comes from Fortune Poker Room and Tulalip Poker Room, both of which are nearby and similarly sized.

Muckleshoot has come under scrutiny recently because it was moved closer towards the smoking section, which has caused some former regulars to start playing at other card rooms in the area.

Muckleshoot Poker Room can be found at 2402 Auburn Way South, Auburn, Washington 98002.

Cash Games

Washington law only allows one bet and three raises at card rooms. In response to this, Limit Hold’em, Spread Limit, and Omaha have become the most popular variants of poker in the area. 

Cash Games that always run:

  • $3/$6 Limit Hold’Em
  • $4/$8 Limit Hold’Em
  • $4/$8 Limit Hold’Em 8-or-Better
  • $5/$500 Spread Limit Hold’Em

Cash games that run sometimes or upon demand:

  • $5/$5 Pot Limit Omaha Hi
  • $5/$5 Five Card Pot Limit Omaha Hi (Big O)
  • $10/$500 Spread Limit Hold’Em
  • $50/$100 Limit Hold’Em

Muckleshoot Poker Room attempts to gain market share by offering competitive promotions for cash games. To start, the room offers exceptional deals for players that frequent the room:

  • 20 hours per month = $100
  • 40 hours per month = $220
  • 60 hours per month = $360
  • 80 hours per month = $520
  • 100 hours per month = $700

The room also has a high hand promotion seven days a week that runs from 10 a.m. to 2 a.m. and pays out $200 every 20 minutes. These promotions are accurate as of October, 2019. For the most accurate information on promotions at Muckleshoot Casino Poker Room, check out Poker Atlas

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Poker Tournaments

Muckleshoot Poker Room offers a decent slate of weekly tournaments. Normal buy-ins range from $70-$120, but the room also has larger buy-in events during different series’ throughout the year. For the most up-to-date information on tournaments at Muckleshoot, refer to Poker Atlas. Here is an example of what a typical month could look like:

Muckleshoot Poker Calendar

Muckleshoot Poker Room Amenities

In addition to the comps listed above, Muckleshoot also has amenities that compare to the other card rooms in the area. Some of these amenities include cocktail services, tableside food, and valet parking.

Notable Reviews from Muckleshoot Poker Room Players

“Second hand smoke now leeches into the poker room and I won’t play at the Muckleshoot now. When you leave your clothes smell like smoke. According to the Center for Disease Controls, second hand smoke is very bad for your health. Additionally, the poker room destroyed the food menu. Really doesn’t matter because I am not going because of the smoke. All of us 3-5 players are now at Fortune. We want to play at the Muckleshoot but no one cares about our second hand smoke concerns.” –Anonymous

“Love the room. Love the people as far as dealers and managers. But the room has definitely taken a step back from what it used to be. At one time it was the cream of the crop the example of what a poker room should be. The envy of every room in the region but now it’s obvious the Muck has put it on the back burner so to speak. Obviously not a priority to the big picture. The promotions have recently gotten better but the fact it’s no longer a 24 hr room still makes it less attractive than the smaller rooms around.” –Gilly

“Great poker game they really need to do something about all of the smoke in the room, I know this room is only temporary but they could do something about the smoke. Otherwise the games are great and so are the people.” –Ken

The Bottom Line

Overall, Muckleshoot Poker Room is a decent option and earns a four-star review. The game selection is decent given local laws, and the promotions are top-notch. The biggest knock against the room is the smoke and the lack of higher-stakes action.

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Home > Muckleshoot Poker Room Review (Washington)
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