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Mike ‘Timex’ McDonald Discusses Current Events on Poker Life Podcast

Timex and Papi talk WSOP 2017, PokerShares and PokerGO.

PokerShares.com CEO and $13 million live poker tournament cash prize winner Mike McDonald (aka ‘Timex’) sat down with Poker Life Podcast host Joey Ingram this week to discuss the Super High Roller Bowl, 48th annual World Series of Poker, and the all-new PokerGO subscription service.

The conversation comes on the backdrop of a wildly successful Day 1 Super High Roller Bowl live cast offering from Poker Central, which attracted 25,000 poker enthusiasts on Twitch alone before being placed behind a PokerGO subscription service paywall.

DISCUSS: PokerGO Subscription Service (May 27, 2017)

As the community weighs-in and prepares for six weeks of live poker action in Las Vegas concluding with the $10,000 buy-in WSOP Main Event, Mike’s PokerShares.com website has gained popularity among fans who have become more active in investing in their favorite poker pros.


Poker Life Podcast TIMESTAMPS (Mike McDonald)


(0:00) Upswing Poker Tournament Master Class
(0:30) Mike McDonald, PokerShares intro
(1:00) SHRB Chip Count update
(1:30) Timex talks about his SHRB action, best vs. worst outcomes
(2:25) SHRB Final 8 update, payouts discussion
(4:30) SHRB 5-day coverage, Poker Central
(7:53) Joey makes SHRB content plea to poker media sites
(8:22) SHRB Christoph Vogelsang vs. Justin Bonomo hand discussion
(18:56) PLP Pratyush Buddiga shout-out
(21:06) Jason Koon vs. “Loose Leon” Tsoukernik SHRB table tussle
(23:30) Mike shoots on need for players to remain vigilant at tables
(24:30) The “alleged” Loose Leon “allegedness” story + SHRB Day 3 actions
(30:29) PLP dominates female poker fan demographic?
(34:15) Nick Schulman redefining poker lingo?
(34:54) Joey & Mike discuss PokerGO premium subscription service
(36:30) PokerShares current SHRB “To Win” odds
(36:53) PokerShares “short your rates” becomes most popular comment
(39:06) Explanation of “shorting” and “longing” players on PokerShares
(40:30) Kevin Hart unable to book action on PokerShares from U.S. + $1.25 million freeroll
(42:02) Papi shoots on Kevin Hart’s odds to win SHRB
(42:47) Mike talks about putting your money where your mouth is
(44:20) Papi 2018 poker tournament grind?
(44:50) Conclusion

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Home > Mike ‘Timex’ McDonald Discusses Current Events on Poker Life Podcast
Home > Mike ‘Timex’ McDonald Discusses Current Events on Poker Life Podcast
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