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Exclusive Preview: Tournament Master Class Training Course

Does being the best tournament player every time you sit at the table interest you? 

With assistance from Doug Polk, tournament specialist Pratyush Buddiga has developed the Tournament Master Class training course–a professional system that will help you crush your tournament competition–which is finally available here.

pratyush buddiga

Pratyush Buddiga after winning a €25,500 buy-in tournament for €690,275

Pratyush and Doug pull out all the stops in this course. I’m excited to show you exactly what is inside. Make sure you stay tuned for the 3 exclusive preview clips taken straight from the course!

What’s inside the Tournament Master Class?

Let’s dive in to each of the eight sections in the course.

Introduction (2 videos)

This section welcomes you to the course along with an explanation of a simple question: Why is it important to understand theory in tournaments?

  • Introduction
  • Why Theory?

Preflop (14 videos)

Pratyush thoroughly breaks down an array of tournament hand ranges and situations (with and without antes) to prepare you for any preflop spot.

  • Preflop RFI
  • RFI Adjustments 
  • SB RFI
  • Calling 3-Bets
  • Default Call 3-Bet Ranges Part 1
  • Default Call 3-Bet Ranges Part 2
  • SB Facing RFI Part 1
  • SB Facing RFI Part 2
  • 3-Bet vs RFI
  • 3-Betting from the Big Blind
  • 4-Betting
  • Short Stack Preflop Adjustments
  • Restealing
  • Big Blind Defense

Here’s a preflop preview clip of Pratyush going over some basic adjustments:

Flop (9 videos)

Pratyush covers a huge variety of spots here so you won’t be left without a plan on any flop.

  • Postflop Introduction
  • Flop C-Bet (High Boards) Part 1
  • Flop C-Bet (High Boards) Part 2
  • Flop C-Bet (Low Boards)
  • Paired Boards
  • Monotone Boards
  • Facing Flop C-Bet
  • Facing Flop Bet as PFR
  • Check/Raising Flop

Turn (9 videos)

Pratyush continues this extensive postflop guide by focusing on turn play.

  • Turn C-Bet
  • Turn Probe
  • Delay C-Bet
  • Floating Turn
  • Call Flop C-Bet Face Turn Check
  • Turn Check/Call Part 1
  • Turn Check/Call Part 2
  • Turn Check/Raise
  • The Weak Lead

River (4 videos)

A number of valuable river-related concepts can be learned from this videos in this section.

  • River C-Bet
  • Facing River C-Bet
  • River After Turn Checks
  • Double Delay C-Bet and Delay Probe

Tournament Dynamics (7 videos)

Here, you’ll get the inside scoop on some of the most important tournament-specific variables.

  • The Bubble
  • Stalling
  • Final Table Play
  • ICM
  • Live Adjustments
  • Focus 
  • Dealing with Downswings

Crucial topics like ICM – an acronym which is often just thrown around without a proper understanding – are addressed so you’ll become well-versed in the more nuanced aspects of tournament poker.

For you live tournament specialists, there’s a section on specific adjustments you can make to finely tune your game for a live environment.

Play & Explains (8 videos)

These videos feature hand histories from Pratyush with analysis on each hand. He splits the hand histories up into categories, so each video has a consistent theme.

  • 3-Bet Pots OOP as PFC
  • 3-Bet Pots IP as PFC
  • 3-Bet Pots Postflop BB Part 1
  • 3-Bet Pots Postflop BB Part 2
  • The Bubble
  • After Bubble
  • Final 2 Tables
  • Party $5,000 Part 1
  • Party $5,000 Part 2
  • Party $5,000 Part 3

These are an effective (and fun) way to improve your game – learn by seeing how a pro plays and hearing their invaluable insights. Here is a preview clip from ‘The Bubble’ video:

$10,000 WCOOP Play & Explain w/ Doug Polk (12 videos)

Doug gets in the mix by running through all of the hands he played en route to his $455,000 2nd place finish in the $10,000 buy-in WCOOP High Roller event.

Doug is joined by Pratyush for the first five parts, and Ryan Fee for the next two. The final five videos feature Doug and Ryan without Pratyush.

Level up your tournament poker skills right away, your satisfaction guaranteed.

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Tournament Master Class FAQs

Q. How much does the course cost?

Tournament Master Class costs $699 for unlimited lifetime access.

Q. What does it include?

The course contains over 30 hours of video content across eight sections:

  • Introduction (2 videos)
  • Preflop (14 videos)
  • Flop (9 videos)
  • Turn (9 videos)
  • River (4 videos)
  • Tournament Dynamics (7 videos)
  • Play & Explains (10 videos)
  • $10,000 WCOOP Play & Explain w/ Doug Polk (12 videos)

(See detailed breakdown below for more info on each section.)

All members will also get invited to a private Facebook group where you can post questions and talk strategy directly with Pratyush, Doug and other tournament players.

Q. Is the course appropriate for new tournament players?

Tournament Master Class is great for players lacking tournament experience. Given how extensive this course is, you can start as a complete beginner and finish it feeling ready to go crush your first tournament.

A ton of fundamental tournament theory is covered, so whether you are a newcomer to tournament play or have experience with it, the Tournament Master Class will give you those all-important solid fundamentals that every truly great poker player has.

Learn more about Tournament Master Class here or click below.

Home > Exclusive Preview: Tournament Master Class Training Course
Home > Exclusive Preview: Tournament Master Class Training Course
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