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Statement on JNandezPoker Leaving Upswing

Here’s a brief statement from Doug Polk on Fernando “JNandezPoker” Habegger’s decision to leave Upswing before fulfilling the promises made to PLO Lab members.

Doug’s statement regarding JNandezPoker

Fernando Habegger (JNandezPoker) has exercised his option to leave Upswing Poker by written notice after a 90 day period.

It is unfortunate to see JNandezPoker go, but he will be leaving the Upswing Team beginning at the start of April. He created excellent work at Upswing, and he is both a good PLO player as well as an outstanding coach. His work with the company will be missed.

Most importantly, we will be taking care of our customers. Many people signed up for 6 or 12 month courses to be taught by JNandezPoker, and due to these circumstances that will not be possible. Because of this, we will be offering Pro-Rata refunds for anyone who has purchased 6 or 12 month packages, as well as refunds for anyone who recently elected to sign up for monthly subscriptions.

If you are an unhappy PLO Lab customer, contact our support team ([email protected]) and we will remedy the situation.

We are not planning on closing the PLO Lab, however, and moving forward we will be doing our best to bring on an excellent team of coaches. We already have several applicants, and I am hoping to create a team of coaches that will further improve the quality of this outstanding coaching course.

We want to take responsibility for the mistakes made here, and in the future we will not be relying on a single coach to bring content on a subscription course. We will continue to offer high quality courses despite the issues that have arisen here today, and I want to thank everyone who has chosen Upswing Poker as their coaching destination.

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Home > Statement on JNandezPoker Leaving Upswing
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