Jaime Staples Weight Loss

Playboy Jimmy Weight Loss Continues

Will Jaime Staples’ weight loss efforts cost Supreme Leader $80,000 USD?

Team Upswing fans learned Monday that #CoachDoug could be on the hook for eight stacks of high society if fellow poker live streamer Jaime Staples is able to win a prop bet that was booked earlier this year on the Streamboat with Bill Perkins.

The bet originated in March following an outcry from PokerStaples’ YouTube subscribers who began cutting promos on the live cast personality that continuously shared his vision for a healthier lifestyle, while at the same time refusing to comply with his own guidelines for achieving his goal.

However, that began to change soon after Jaime, along with brother Matt, were offered 50-to-1 odds from Captain Perkins that they will be unable to weigh-in within one pound of each other on March 26th, 2018.

At the time, the Canadian poker streamer who turned 26 in May weighed a robust 305 lbs. to Matt’s Buck-Thirty-Four. So when Supreme Leader Douglas K. Polk was able to subsequently negotiate a no-go deal for roughly $80,000 TO WIN just under $10k, the Binks Feet appeared to be in the three-time WSOP bracelet winner’s corner.

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“I got way better odds than the opening line,” revealed #CoachDoug Monday in an exclusive YouTube Poker segment (1:04:20) with new Upswing Lab coach Parker Talbot. “I got 8 or 9-to-1 average between my bets. I actually forgot how much I’m betting… like sixty, seventy or eighty thousand.”

Weight Loss Prop Bet “On Track”

Matt & Jaime Staples pose for Facebook (July 2017)

In just over four months, the Staples Brotherhood has managed to shave about half of the weight difference. “We’re on track,” confirmed a slimmed-down Staples in an August 2nd interview with PokerNews contributor Lane Anderson. “We have less than 90 pounds to go. We started with 170 pounds apart. I would put the odds of success at 90 percent right now. The betting markets don’t agree with me, but that’s where I’d put it.”

When Talbot asked Doug live on-air how the 2015 Brains vs. AI winner feels about his prop bet, the 28-year old replied, “I don’t feel as good as I did three or four months ago” before adding that “they’re doing a fantastic job.”

The PokerNews article referenced above has Jaime currently weighing-in at the 254 mark with Matt around 170 lbs… even without the human gravy truck irrigation system suggested by forum enthusiasts.

Will Jaime and Matt Staples come out on top and show social media fans they are capable of genuinely achieving a healthy poker lifestyle?

Will Doug’s “Baller Lambo” have to wait as he shells out $80k to loyal Playboy Jimmy believers?

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