What is Collusion in Poker?

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Collusion is cheating involving two or more players working together. Collusion can mean any illegal cheating between 2 or more players. Common types of collusion include Chip Dumping, stacking a Cold Deck, and communicating hands using signals or in another language. 

Some common rules implemented to deter collusion include:

  1. When any player is All-in and has been called, their hand must be shown to the entire table, as well as the hand(s) of the caller(s). 
  2. The deck must be spread out before play so that all players can see that all cards are accounted for. 
  3. Many casinos only allow English to be spoken at the table (or the native language of the country where the game takes place)
  4. Most casinos do not allow you to be on your phone while you are in a hand. 

Learn how to avoid getting cheated:

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