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Foxwoods Poker Room: What You Need to Know

Located in the Foxwoods Casino in Mashantucket, Connecticut, the Foxwoods poker room is the largest poker room on the East Coast and the largest casino-based poker room in the world. 

Foxwoods hosts World Series of Poker (WSOP) circuit events, WPT tournaments, and the Foxwoods World Poker Finals.

foxwoods poker room foxwoods casino foxwoods poker blog foxwoods poker tournament

A brief history of Foxwoods

Situated on Mashantucket Pequot tribal grounds, Foxwoods Casino debuted in 1986 as a bingo hall. In the early 1990’s it added slots and table games and, in 1995, opened its poker room. The new and improved Foxwoods poker room—with World Poker Tour (WPT) branding—opened in March, 2006.

Located in the Rainmaker Casino under an obvious glowing “Poker” sign, the Foxwoods poker room boasts almost 100 tables in the main poker room with a separate upstairs tournament area that holds more than 50 tables. It is minimially decorated except for some huge neon blue waves on the ceiling near the cash game tables. The poker room also pays homage to the area’s Native American origins.

This massive poker room is comparable in size to Los Angeles’ Bicycle and Commerce poker rooms and offers virtually every type of poker game imaginable: No-Limit Hold’Em (NLHE), Limit Hold’Em, Stud, HORSE, Razz, Omaha, and other Mixed Games—you name it! There are many poker tournaments from which to choose, and the Foxwoods poker blog is an excellent source of information.

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Comfort and amenities

Foxwoods poker room receives generally high marks for its positive atmosphere and room comfort. While many praise its ample space, comfortable chairs, large windows, and nearby bathrooms, others complain that the room is quite dark, crowded in some areas, and the downstairs air can be a bit stale from cigarette smoke wafting from other areas of the casino.

One striking positive about this room is its automated sign-in process so players can avoid having to wait in long lines to check in. A number of televisions line the room, informing waiting players of their place in line. However, because the Foxwoods poker room eliminated chip runners, players often have to purchase their chips from the cashier if the dealer doesn’t have enough at the table.

Additionally, safety deposit boxes and a high-stakes lounge are available for frequent players. Finally, unlike many other casinos, Foxwoods Casino strictly prohibits using one’s cell phone at the table.

Food and drinks

Like many poker rooms, there is drink service, but the consensus seems to be that this could be greatly improved. While there are several places to get a bite to eat, food is not permitted at the tables. Fifth Street Grill is located inside the poker room, and there are many other options throughout the resort.

 foxwoods casino foxwoods poker room foxwoods poker blog foxwoods poker tournaments

Cash games at Foxwoods

Being open 24/7/365, players can always find action at Foxwoods poker room. From $1/$2 to $150/$300—whatever one’s bankroll, s/he will find a table. Among the most common cash games offered include:

Note: games that are highlighted in yellow run at almost all times. The others run sometimes or upon demand.

No-Limit Hold’Em

  • $1/$2, $60 minimum, $300 maximum
  • $2/$5, $300 minimum, $500 maximum
  • $5/$10, $500 minimum, $2,000 maximum
  • $10/$25, $1,000 minimum, no maximum
  • $25/$50

Limit Hold’Em

  • $2/$4
  • $4/$8
  • $5/$10 Kill
  • $10/$20
  • $20/$40
  • $50/$100
  • Higher limits upon request

Omaha 8/OB

  • $4/$8 Half Kill
  • $5/$10 Kill
  • Higher limits upon request

Pot-Limit Omaha (PLO)

  • $2/$5 spread
  • $5/$10

Seven-Card Stud

  • $1/$3 spread
  • $1/$5 spread
  • $5/$10
  • $10/$20
  • $20/$40
  • $75/$150
  • $150/$300

Mixed Games

  • $20/$40 OE
  • $40/$80 OE
  • $75/$150 OE
  • $100/$200 HOE


The Foxwoods Casino poker rake varies depending on the game’s stakes. Lower- and mid-limit game rakes range from $1 or $2 post flop with $1 per $10 up to $4. At the higher limits, rake is charged by the half-hour, typically $8 or $10.

foxwoods poker room foxwoods casino foxwoods poker blog foxwoods poker tournaments


Foxwoods poker tournaments

In addition to the aforementioned WSOP and WPT tournaments, there are many other Foxwoods poker tournaments. From at least two to as many as five tournaments in a single day—not including special WSOP and WPT tournament series—there are many opportunities for avid tournament poker players.

Foxwoods Poker Tournament Calendar

This calendar from October 2019 demonstrates just how many tournaments run at Foxwoods every week.

Foxwoods offers two daily NLHE tournaments at 10 a.m. and 6 p.m. with buy-ins ranging from $60 to $160, starting stacks of $10,000 and $20,000, and 15- to 20-minute blind levels. Some tournaments offer bounties and others have guarantees ranging from $5,000 to $20,000. On Wednesdays, there is an additional 2 p.m. $120 NLHE Double Green Chip Bounty Turbo tournament.

Regulars tout the fact that Foxwoods poker tournaments are well-run, deep-stacked, and non-rushed; however, some reviews have dinged some dealers’ abilities. Frequent players also mention the wide variety of players which make tournaments quite entertaining.

Check out the Foxwoods’ daily tournament calendar, event registration and payout policies, and comprehensive tournament rules. You can also, conveniently, register for various poker tournament online.

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Foxwoods poker room staff

Foxwoods poker room management and floor staff are generally well-reviewed with props given for experience and confidence. Most of the dealers are skilled and, as would be expected, personalities run the gamut from fun and lively to “I hate my job” downers.

However, as previously mentioned, some players complain that inexperienced dealers—particularly at larger tournaments—may bring tournament quality down a bit.

Foxwoods poker blog

The Foxwoods poker blog is quite extensive, boasting over five million views. In fact, there is a wealth of information here. The blog details every event, rules, payouts, and results, and you can search its archives as far back as 2010.

foxwoods casino foxwoods poker room foxwoods poker blog foxwoods casino


Players can sign up for the Foxwoods Rewards card program where earned points can be redeemed for discounted gas at the Pequot Outpost, free or discounted hotel rooms, restaurant comps, and a variety of other privileges throughout Foxwoods Casino. Like many rewards programs, the program offers progressive tiers where the more one plays, the more benefits one receives.

Comp points accrue based on the stakes one plays and are as follows:

  • $.50/hour—up to $4/$8
  • $1/hour—$5/$10 and $10/$20, as well as all no-limit games
  • $1.50/hour–$20/$40 and higher

Foxwood’s player appreciation promotion gives players who play 20 or more live poker hours in a week (Monday-Sunday) a $15 restaurant coupon.

Due to popular demand, Foxwoods Casino poker room recently reinstated its Bad Beat jackpot. If a player loses with quad 8’s or better to a higher hand s/he wins a portion of the player-funded, progressive jackpot.

The High Hand frenzy promotion pays out a very nice $500 every 30 minutes each Tuesday between 10 a.m. and 10 p.m. and Fridays and Saturdays between 2 p.m. and 2 a.m. Other lucky high hands have the chance to win $100 every hour during pre- and post-frenzy times. (Note: these times will change to 12 p.m to 12 a.m. on 5 October.) Additionally, Foxwoods has a monthly Monday Madness High Hand promotion between 10 a.m. and 10 p.m. with $1,000 payouts on the hour and half hour along with $500 payouts at a quarter to and a quarter after the hour. Additionally, $100 high hand prizes are awarded on the hour pre- and post-frenzy times.

For more information on Foxwoods poker room current promotions, you can download the Foxwoods, PokerAtlas, and Bravo Live apps; check out the Foxwoods poker blog; or follow all of the action on Twitter or Facebook.

The verdict: Foxwoods Casino poker room

Foxwoods poker room has a strong East Coast vibe and attracts players from across the US. Granted, while newly constructed mid-Atlantic poker rooms have likely attracted some of Foxwoods’ traffic, there is still ample action and an interesting history to this poker room. Along with a resort that offers quality hotel rooms, dining, entertainment, and shopping, Foxwoods Casino’s location is also close to other Connecticut and Rhode Island tourist spots. If you’ve never been, you are truly missing out.

Have you played at Foxwoods poker room, tried any Foxwoods poker tournaments, or perused the Foxwoods poker blog? Please share your thoughts and experiences below about the poker room or the Foxwoods Casino in general.

Until next time.

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Home > Foxwoods Poker Room: What You Need to Know
Home > Foxwoods Poker Room: What You Need to Know
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