doug polk bankroll challenge day 21

Doug Takes a Stab at Heads Up No Limit – Bankroll Challenge Day 21

Doug Polk finally took a well timed shot on day 20 of his Bankroll Challenge. After growing bored of NL2, Doug Polk decided to take a shot at NL10 with only 15 buy ins.

The shot payed off, not only in profit, but in entertainment value as well. The ‘’high stakes’’ was a welcome sight for Twitch viewers.

Now, Doug takes a bankroll of $168 into Day 21.

The Bankroll Shot That Paid Off

One more Monday, one more day for Doug Polk to take over

Doug decided to stay in NL10 after last session’s reasonably successful shot. He joined a few waiting lists and the games started to pop up.

After an hour of NL10 multi-table grind, the challenge was not going great. The Bankroll was down to $152.

At this point Doug was also starting to agree with his viewers who were bored of full ring, finding it boring himself. Unfortunately there are too many regs hunting him on to play 6-max, and he wanted to avoid running into 5 of them on one table.

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An hour and a half into the stream, after a well timed bluff with two napkins, Doug had a double up and the bankroll was up to $162.

The Source of the Technical Issues

Doug decided to poll his viewers on whether or not he should ever play video games on his streams.

He already plays video games in his free time. After all, he is the WCGRider (short for World Cyber Games.) Since he will do it anyway and already has a dedicated Twitch following, should he go ahead and do it? Doug made an online poll to see what #GrindNation thinks. More on that later.

Things were going well two hours into the stream. Not only was the bankroll healthy but the stream was clear with 0 crashes.

That streak was too good to be true however, and at the beginning of the third hour, the stream unexpectedly turned off. Doug changed the title of the stream, urging his audience not to leave before he had a chance to reset.

Doug came back a few minutes later with an explanation. Apparently the Donger video is too powerful for even a high end computer, and it crashes the stream.

Despite what some alarmist might claim, there is no proof that it has achieved any kind sentience, much less that it’s trying to trigger a worldwide Dong-maggedon. There is no reason to panic. At least not unless it’s starts embedding itself in articles.

Oh, oh no…

You maniacs! This is the price we pay for playing God!

Heads Up Redemption

Doug decided to take advantage of his specialty and play some NL10 Heads Up cash against ‘‘Faaipdeoaid’’.

doug polk bankroll callenge day 21 heads up

HU Please!

Doug has taken a heads up shot for the challenge before, and it didn’t go well. The always helpful Twitch chat was quick to remind him of that fact, but he was convinced that this time it was going to be different. He made all of his money in HUNLH, after all.

He also asked the chat, once again, to vote on the issue of a new Twitch stream just for video games. Doug has played video games in his Twitch stream before, but this would be a scheduled stream rather than a random event.

There were many opinions on the subject, with a small minority wanting no video games at all.  Most either wanted it separate or on the same stream but with a clearly defined schedule.

Doug’s proposed games for future streams are OverWatch, CS:GO and StarCraft.

Meanwhile, the Heads Up action was marred with people trying to get in on the game. Doug tried asking politely to allow them to play heads up. Most people just moved on, but some thickheads wouldn’t comply. This interrupted the flow of the game many times as they had to move from empty table to empty table.

This can happen because and 888 wont add Heads Up tables. Besides that, there is just a general of a sense of etiquette lost in poker culture.

  • The Twitch chat asked why Doug wouldn’t just play Heads Up Sit and Goes instead.

Unfortunately the rake in those games is too high to make them profitable in the micro stakes. Also, HUSNGs suck.

The Bankroll saw a lot of swings throughout the heads up match. At one point Doug’s account balance reached as low as $120. Soon, however, the tides began to turn.

Despite the twitch chat taunting him every time he lost a pot, Doug was starting to win buy-in after buy-in from his opponent. Two hours into the heads up match the bankroll was at $174 and Doug had a 5 buy-in stack to show for it.

Doug’s hot streak continued, catapulting the bankroll well beyond the $200 mark. At the end of the almost six hour stream he was up seven buy-ins.

A good day for the Bankroll Challenge. Doug Polk will return to Twitch this Wednesday at 11am PST with the debut of Table Talk, a new show he is co-hosting with Joey Ingram.

The Bankroll Challenge will resume on Friday with $237.

bankroll challenge day 21

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Home > Doug Takes a Stab at Heads Up No Limit – Bankroll Challenge Day 21
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