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Doug Polk Returns to Poker Life Podcast, Prepares for 2017 SCOOP

Upswing Poker endboss responds to recent drama in the poker industry and shares his plans for the 2017 PokerStars SCOOP. Two-time WSOP bracelet winner and Twitch Poker record holder Doug Polk joined Joey Ingram on the Poker Life Podcast Friday to discuss Luke Schwartz, Daniel Negreanu, Poker Night in America, and his upcoming SCOOP live streams on DougPolk.TV. Doug has been in Vancouver this week preparing to battle against a competitive field of high stakes pros, fellow streamers and $11 MTT-grinding grandmas in hopes of capturing another huge cash score ahead of the May 22nd release of Upswing’s Tournament Master Class hosted by Pratyush Buddiga. Topics on Friday’s show ranged from a recent PokerNews segment with Luke Schwartz and an accompanying “extremely valid points” Tweet by PokerStars headline pro Daniel Negreanu to Doug’s May 2017 schedule and eventual stand-up comedy aspirations. Thousands of viewers are expected to tune-in to DougPolk.TV starting this Sunday at 12:00 Noon Pacific Time to find out if the Top 5 Poker Personality can once again find big-time success in a marquee online poker tournament series.

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Doug Polk Poker Life Podcast TIMESTAMPS (May 5, 2017) (0:00) Intro – Doug in Vancouver for 2017 SCOOP (2:25) Update on Luke Schwartz’ recent PokerNews interview (6:30) Heads-up match between Doug & Luke will “never happen” (9:10) Poker Content – Information vs. Drama (13:10) Doug’s ability in NLHE vs. PLO (16:20) “Poker Pro” and “Poker Entertainer” are two different skill sets (17:40) #InstagramPoker a “weird” place? (19:10) Some Instagram personalities are “faking it” (20:10) Chips + Hole Cards + Naked Women = Instagram Success (21:25) Recent Poker Night in America Choctaw drama (29:30) “Positive” things in poker – Doug’s SCOOP streaming plans

Doug arrives in Vancouver for 2017 SCOOP

(30:50) May 22nd “MTT Master Class” with Pratyush Buddiga (33:50) Joey learns that Doug isn’t transitioning from cash games to MTTs (35:00) Doug in the market for new Lamborghini? (36:40) “Busto Lambo” vs. “Baller Lambo” (37:50) Tai Lopez shout-out (38:10) Doug & Joey talk about Kevin Hart signing with PokerStars (41:15) Poker 2017 – the good stuff (43:50) Daniel Negreanu discussion (45:50) DNegs “extremely mad” about dissent in the ranks? (46:40) Doug shows off shout-out game – Ryan Meese love (48:20) h3h3 Productions & Pewdiepie mentions (49:00) Doug & Joey beatboxing next YouTube sensation? (50:30) Doug’s YouTube channel will reach 100,000 subscribers soon (52:10) Achieving satisfaction in life (53:45) Reinventing the Dunder Mifflin paper company may not result in success (55:05) Doug & Joey give some love to Daniel Negreanu (56:30) Patented Doug Polk dance move – The “Hip Bump” (57:50) Doug Polk pickup lessons (58:40) Joey demonstrates how to do the Doug Polk Hip Bump (1:00:30) More Upswing Poker courses on the way – Dating courses on hold (for now) (1:01:10) Joey torn between PLO and picking up women

Joey Ingram – Poker Life Podcast

(1:02:05) Questions from live chat (1:05:10) More to life than viewers and subscribers? (1:06:00) Joey offers NBA-guest prop bet for Poker Life Podcast (1:08:05) Doug & Joey $2,000 USD prop bet booked (1:09:50) Doug’s Twitch streaming schedule for SCOOP – DougPolk.TV (1:10:20) Invest in Doug on StakeKings (1:12:45) Doug shoots on YouTube Poker “travesty” – the GPL video (1:15:15) Things Doug will “never do” (1:16:30) Doug relives Jason Mercier drama (1:17:50) Doug talks about Ben86 – Joey wants the dispute to get fixed (1:18:45) Doug relives LATB, Ben Limon podcast drama (1:22:45) Doug talks about Joey’s ability to “walk the line” (1:24:40) How the BGG originated (1:25:20) Snapchat vs. Instagram (1:26:30) Joey’s “Instagram Stories” audience is 100:1 men-to-women (1:28:00) Doug’s main focus will remain on Upswing Poker and YouTube (1:29:00) Joey shows off old-school Supernova Elite card (1:29:30) Doug talks about shift in strategy following Black Friday (1:30:20) Doug’s focus from now until 2019 (1:32:05) Doug wants to give “mainstream YouTube” a shot (1:32:35) Doug also wants to do stand-up comedy eventually (1:33:05) Thomas “SrslySirius” Keeling shout-out (1:33:50) Doug’s favorite YouTube video is his clip about the GPL (1:35:20) How does Doug respond to negative comments? (1:37:10) Should Doug copy Jimmie Stayplerz’ hairstyle? Swoop it to the side! (1:37:20) More live chat questions (1:38:40) Doug wants to get into politics eventually (1:41:10) President Polker? (1:42:00) Doug battles #RoundLife, down 10 pounds so far (1:44:30) Doug’s WSOP 2017 plans (1:47:10) Joey’s YouTube plans (1:48:00) STFU Jim? (1:48:30) OMFG it’s Jason!!!!!!1111oneoneeleven (1:49:50) #F*ckJim (1:51:50) Joey cuts a promo on Jim (1:52:15) Things Ben86 would say (about Jim) (1:52:35) Joey knows math (thanks to Jim) (1:53:45) Jim is welcome over at DougPolkPoker (1:54:30) Joey is GTO with his trolling range (1:55:30) Joey extends “special offer” to those who purchase Upswing’s MTT Master Class (1:56:30) Joey’s promotional efforts for Upswing’s PLO course featuring Fernando Habegger (1:57:20) The drawbacks of uninspired affiliate marketing, Twitch streamers (1:58:40) Chicago weather to blame for Joey’s sniffles? (2:01:50) Joey trolls WSOP tournament package pimping – StakeDraft @ 1.4 markup (2:02:45) Upswing MTT Master Class will cost $699 USD – available May 22nd (2:04:00) Joey advises Doug on sales pitch to backers (2:05:00) Joey’s QE4 live cardroom stable-backing plan (2:05:45) Conversation about Joey’s GTO Club (2:08:30) Doug talks about yesteryear’s $1.1 million session loss to Viktor “Isildur1” Blom (2:10:20) Doug’s thoughts on Phil Galfond’s RunItOnce Poker (2:12:35) Doug’s PokerStars Snapchat post – spin a wheel for money (2:14:50) Are PokerStars Spin & Gos crack cocaine? (2:16:50) Upswing Party at WSOP 2017 could draw 1,000 people – #FreeDrinks (2:20:15) Upcoming Mori Eskandani, Dan Colman & Aria SHRB Poker Life Podcast episodes (2:21:30) Watch DougPolk.TV starting this Sunday for 2017 SCOOP coverage

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Home > Doug Polk Returns to Poker Life Podcast, Prepares for 2017 SCOOP
Home > Doug Polk Returns to Poker Life Podcast, Prepares for 2017 SCOOP
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