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Doug Polk and Joey Ingram Talk #Yayogate

TwoPlusTwo NVG thread surpasses 400k views. Polk & Papi react to #Yayogate. Timestamp recap of January 19th Poker Life Podcast episode. The TwoPlusTwo.com News, Views & Gossip forum has been ablaze these past few days with one of the most memorable threads in recent history. On Sunday afternoon, gambler Marc Klang (aka “ipuntstacks” & “dietpepsi13”) entranced the community with an epic tale of monetary degeneracy, recklessness and blackjack beast-mode that, according to the Florida-area punter, led to a $500,000 score he now seeks to collect from high profile poker players Paul Dlugozima, John Racener, Justin Zaki and others.

Klang’s story, initially met with skepticism due to some of his previous dealings in the gambling world (also see: here), rapidly gained traction as he appeared live with @limonpoker on the @LIVEAtTheBike Twitch channel Monday night. https://twitter.com/liveattheBike/status/821064391693103107 The 3-hour cast with @limonpoker began with roughly 900 live Twitch viewers and ended with more than 600 still tuning-in. Klang’s recount of events — complete with real-time social media blasts to supplement his recollections — immediately became a hit among a critical mass of forum posters who in turn demanded a response from Dlugozima, Racener, Zaki, Fillip Khavin and Anthony Starfish, later revealed to be Anthony Keshish. As of early Friday morning Pacific Time no reply has been forthcoming — fueling speculation and forum feedback as to whether those accused should or should not respond to the allegations publicly.

TwoPlusTwo Forum Member “Larry Legend” Interviews Klang

Following Limon’s show, TwoPlusTwo forum veteran “Larry Legend” offered to conduct a separate interview Tuesday night, which was subsequently uploaded to YouTube (embedding disabled, see thread post #1365 for link).

During that 2-hour show, Klang repeated his side of the dispute, with host “Larry Legend” concluding the following. (1:19:48) Larry Legend: “It seems like these dudes have no intention of paying you. What’s weird about that is it kind of seems like they could pay you and their reputations… I mean it wouldn’t be necessarily great, right? There would be history of them having done this, but things happen all the time in the gambling world. People end up owing money all the time. The situation around this is a little bit murky. I mean it’s not you know… the most clean-cut scenario of who owes. I mean it is pretty clean-cut they owe you the money but it seems still to this day like, right now, if Zima decided to come clean and say, ‘Look I’m gonna pay you this,’ his reputation would be 90% or more intact in my opinion.” Several posters later asked for clarity on what Klang is expecting to receive as a result of his claims. That question was directly addressed near the 90-minute mark of the video. (1:32:30) Marc Klang: “I don’t know what the endgame is. Everyone keeps asking me that. What’s the endgame? What do you want out of this? Well, I want f***ing $500,000 obviously.” (1:32:50) Marc Klang: “I want these five guys to pay me the money they owe me. That’s it.”

Polk & Papi Discuss Current Events

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MfpZRd2TQ_4&t=182s Upswing Poker featured pro Doug Polk and Poker Life Podcast host Joey Ingram got together Thursday afternoon to share their thoughts on the allegations, then moved on to unrelated topics that are also being discussed in the community as February approaches. Below is a TIMESTAMP recap of the January 19th episode for convenient reference. (0:00) Introduction (3:10) #Yayogate commentary (15:50) Fake news Charlie Tuna shout-out (24:10) Doug’s comments on Dan Bilzerian get mainstream distribution https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=40CaSlCFMsM RELATED: YouTuber Says Dan Bilzerian is a ‘Big Fake’ Who’s Shit at Poker (TheLADbible.com – Jan 19, 2017) RELATED: Dan Bilzerian is ‘living a lie’ claims poker expert (TheSun.co.uk – Jan 19, 2017) (33:00) Doug’s experiences with ACR (35:30) Doug reiterates concerns about unenforceable operator rules (37:30) YouTube Poker is attracting loads of casual fans (38:32) Doug reveals YouTube channel viewership demographics (39:30) PokerStars’ marketing efforts interrupted by ‘Dan Polk’ reference (45:25) Bill Perkins love (50:20) Poker news versus mainstream news (51:25) Bot Challenge (Poker Pros vs. Carnegie-Mellon University) (1:00:00) Big name personalities making a mark on poker? (1:01:45) Cate Hall vs. Mike Dentale Showdown (1:07:10) Old-school HU4ROLZ poker challenges (1:15:30) Recent EPT Prague live stream n00b comments (1:18:00) Why Doug doesn’t place ads in his videos (1:19:00) YouTube analytics — graphs are GTO (1:20:30) More statistics on Doug’s YouTube channel (1:21:30) Whatever happened to Table Talk? (1:25:33) Doug’s content is receiving a genuine “pop” on YouTube (1:26:10) Twitch vs. YouTube + “Rise of the Vlog” (1:29:28) Cardrooms and poker vloggers (1:35:10) Thoughts on Twitch Poker potential (1:38:00) Reckful Twitch streams and high-dollar PLO swongs https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yj4DJkqt5Ao&t=37s (1:39:40) Patented Papi shout-outs (1:42:00) Upswing Poker content gets some love (1:42:18) 2017 American Poker Awards (1:43:55) Fake #RaiseIt campaign in the works? (1:48:40) Doug shares Phil Hellmuth story (1:53:20) The art of complaining and its uselessness in poker (1:55:50) Background story of Doug and Joey’s friendship (2:01:30) Why you shouldn’t be afraid of failure (2:02:30) Wrap-up @DougPolkPoker YouTube Channel @Joeingram1 YouTube Channel Author’s Note: Want to learn more about poker and improve your skills? Check out The Poker Lab for exclusive poker instruction from 2016 WSOP Tag Team champions Doug Polk and Ryan Fee!

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Home > Doug Polk and Joey Ingram Talk #Yayogate
Home > Doug Polk and Joey Ingram Talk #Yayogate
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