Casino Del Sol Poker Room

Casino Del Sol Poker Room Review

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Casino Del Sol is a small but well-run poker room in Tucson, Arizona. Despite its small size, it is considered one of Arizona’s best poker rooms.

The room features just 13 tables but is open 24/7. Casino Del Sol offers a wide variety of cash games at both small and mid-stakes. In addition to the popular cash games, the room has plenty of tournaments for poker players to enjoy.

Casino Del Sol can be found at 5655 W. Valencia Road, Tucson, Arizona.

Cash Games

For a small card room, Casino Del Sol offers a plethora of different cash games. The mainstays of the room are small stakes no limit hold’em games, but the room also offers cash games in other variants: limit hold’em, PLO, PLO8, Big O, and other mixed games. The games range up to $5/$10 No-Limit Hold’Em, which runs occasionally depending on the demand. 

Cash Games that always run:

  • $1/$2 No Limit Texas Hold’Em
  • $1/$3 No Limit Texas Hold’Em
  • $2/$4 Limit Texas Hold’Em
  • $2/$5 No Limit Texas Hold’Em

Cash games that run sometimes or upon demand:

  • $1/$3 Pot Limit Omaha 8-or-Better
  • $3/$6 Limit Texas Hold’Em
  • $4/$8 Limit Omaha 8-or-Better
  • $4/$8 Big O – 5 Card Omaha
  • $5/$10 No Limit Texas Hold’Em

To attract players to the cash games, Casino Del Sol poker room does a great job of offering different promotions. Throughout the week, the room has different rolling high hand promotions that keep the games filled with action. To know what promotions are coming up, take a look at the Casino Del Sol Poker Atlas page.

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Poker Tournaments

Casino Del Sol organizes several weekly poker tournaments with different buy-ins. These tournaments are geared towards small-stakes players, with the normal tournaments ranging from about $30 to $120. To see what tournaments are coming up, check the Poker Atlas tournament schedule. Here is a sample month:

Casino Del Sol Poker Room Tournament Schedule

Casino Del Sol Poker Amenities

Poker players can receive $1 per hour in comps by playing at Casino Del Sol. In addition to this, the room offers discounted food, cocktail services, and valet parking. Players can also request tableside massages for a fee.

Notable Reviews from Casino Del Sol Poker Players

“Started playing both tournament and cash in May of this year and found this room to be laid back friendly and managed with customer service at the top of the to-do list. Sure, there are times you might wait for food or drink service, but the poker room menu is half price for players and worth a little wait sometimes. Dealers are the friendliest I have encountered since I started playing in 1970. Very social leagues for all level players. My new home away from home, lol.” –Larry

“They have a wide variety of poker games. Typically 1/2 and 1/3 no limit hold’em runs everyday. 2/5 you typically see Thursday-Saturday. The occasional 5/10 runs. They also have 4/8 and 6/12 Omaha and mixed games. The best thing about this room is that they show their tables on poker atlas. You can click cash games and see what tables are currently running.” –Anonymous

“This is the best poker room in Tucson and in the top 3 for the whole state of Arizona. The competition is average. $1 an hour comps and food service is great. You can order from Starbucks and many restaurants. There are plenty of tournaments offered and tournament leagues where the top 30 point leaders get to play a championship freeroll tournament. Also, 60 hours of live cash play gets you access to their $25,000 freeroll tournament that is offered every few months. Sunday through Thursday if you play at least 5 hours of live cash game you can get a poker room rate if there are still rooms available.” –Anonymous

The Bottom Line

Casino Del Sol is a great option for poker players in Tucson, Arizona and is worthy of a five star rating. Players regard Casino Del Sol extremely highly as despite its small size, it offers a great selection of different cash games to choose from. Even though the tournaments are small, they still offer consistent action for poker players that prefer them. Casino Del Sol is one of the top rooms in Arizona.

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Home > Casino Del Sol Poker Room Review
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