doug polk bankroll challenge day 24

Winning Streak! – Bankroll Challenge Day 24

doug polk bankroll challenge day 24

Day 23 of the Bankroll Challenge looked grim early on.

After losing more than 20% of the bankroll in a grueling heads up battle, the viewers feared that this could be day 13 all over again. Doug Polk himself warned that this was a possibility at the beginning of the stream. Sometimes taking a shot just doesn’t work out.

Doug wasn’t deterred, however, and he hopped into another heads up match against a different opponent. In just under an hour, he gained back all of his losses from the previous match. plus $9.

 Now, after six days straight of profit we enter day 24 with $489.

To Bankroll Manage or Not to Bankroll Manage

After quickly saluting the chat, Doug started the session wondering aloud whether or not he should play tournaments. He doesn’t like tournaments in general, but they are very high value in

Doug was torn whether or not to play a $20 tournament. The buy in was still too high for the bankroll but the field seemed super soft. $10 Sit and Goes were also considered.

Doug eventually boiled down the debate to ‘‘How degen do we want to get?’’. If he starts to managing the bankroll loosely, he will reach $10k much quicker. If, however, he gets too degen and starts to lose too much, too fast, the audience will turn against him.

He decided against it after some more consideration. $10 tournaments it is!

But there was a problem. The tournament was about to be cancelled due to a lack of players. Doug asked his Nevada viewers to sign on and register to get the tournament going, but it was too late.

Having no choice, he decided to enter the $20 tournament and nothing else (other than a very bankroll-friendly freeroll).

Doug was content to 1-table for a bit, but after some encouraging from the action-hungry chat, he entered a $25 Heads Up Sit and Go.

doug polk bankroll

17 buy-in shot taking at it’s finest.

Doug busted the freeroll, bringing his 3 tables down to 2. It was for the best, however, as now he could focus on his HUSNG shot. Doug went on to win the first match of the session, which prompted a rematch.

Eff the Bankroll

Not satisfied with the level of action and risk, Doug entered a NL50 three handed cash game on the tournament break. He described this move as going ‘‘absolutely eff the Bankroll’’.

Tension started to build as he went all-in for $50, over a tenth of the bankroll…

bankroll challenge lose buy-in

… And it did not turn out like expected. His top pair ran into a set bringing the roll down to a no-chill $420. Unfazed, Doug entered another the NL50 table.

He busted out of the tournament soon after, he was now three tabling, with two NL50 cash games and a $25 Heads Up Sit and go. Just a few minutes later, around the 1-hour mark, Doug had almost gotten his lost-stack back.

Doug lost his HUSNG action with the bankroll now sitting at $436. He turned his attention to two-tabling NL50 cash games.

NL50 on proved to be remarkably soft, which prompted Doug to add a third table.

About 1.5 hours into the stream, the bankroll was up $20 at $510.

PLO Action So Intense It Crashes the Stream

Encouraged by the action hungry Twitch chat, Doug decided to replace his NLH tables with PLO tables. He started with three six handed tables and a heads up game, all of them in PL50.

It was going really well, with Doug almost doubling up in one table. But then, two hours into the session, the stream crashed.


On the bright side it looks like we’ve got a flush on that top right table.

There was no video feed when the stream returned, forcing Doug to get another webcam. It returned soon enough to show us a very frustrated Doug.

With the technical issues seemingly resolved, the games continued, with Doug crushing it in all four tables. Two hours into the session, the Bankroll Challenge reached a new high of $653.

The great game of PLO has been good to Doug during this challenge, and that trend continued during this stream. 

doug polk bankroll challenge

[x] Reasonable flop

PLO also helped to create a great balance between entertainment value for the chat and profit for the challenge.

Earlier in the stream, the Twitch chat had asked for Doug to play more tournaments. Nine-handed NLHE cash simply doesn’t lend itself to many action flops. Doug, however, isn’t crazy for micro stake tournaments. They require a set time commitment that he doesn’t want to be forced to take in.

Pot Limit Omaha provides a happy balance, the audience gets their action flops and swings while Doug gets his freedom. It even allows for the now recognizable regs like Blvze to join in.

Finishing the stream, Doug apologized for the technical issues while reflecting on a great day for the Bankroll Challenge. After an entertaining PLO session filled with mostly ups but a couple of downs, we ended the day with $632.

bankroll challenge day 24 graph

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